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panasonic233160d ago

RARE most talented developers left Rare before MS brought them.

NYC_Gamer3160d ago

yeah many of them are still with Nintendo

Bereaver3160d ago

I was about to say the same thing.

The company itself changed as soon as it started taking money.

toaster3160d ago

RARE died after Viva Pinata.

BrianB3160d ago

actually most of them went and formed Free Radical creator of the TimeSplitter Series, and Haze but that game sucked hard and left the company defunct, untill Crytek purchased them and changed the name to Crytek UK

OneSneakyMofo3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

R.I.P. Rare; your Battletoads kicked my ass.

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Blaze9293160d ago

most of the key people who made Rare, "Rare" - left. Simple as that. People say all the time, "oh, a few people leaving shouldve effect the entire company" - wrong.

Like Itagki leaving Team Ninja, you will see. If Kojima left Kojima Productions, you'd see. Same goes for Rare with Martin Hollis, David Doak, Tim and Chris Stamper, etc.

People blaming Microsoft are just fooling themselves.

Nitrowolf23160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I can understand this, but the question is, would they have left later if they stuck with Nintendo? I mean MS buying could have made them leave, who knows, but it would seem like that if they left before the buyout

Yeah Wiki says that Tim and Chris left to pursue other opportunities, Martin left to join Free Radical and help produce some games, and David Doak went on to help with Gamecube development later founding his own company. IDK it just seems that they left for other reason then. Also looking at history of Rare they seem to have left the company well before MS actually bought all the shares.

Count3160d ago

That's the thing.

People are speculating and acting like their speculation is a fact.

RockmanII73160d ago

I hope your wrong, or else Megaman Legends 3 will probably suck (Keiji Inafune, creator of Megaman, left Capcom earlier this year).

shoddy3160d ago

MS bought them then they disappear.

Killler Insticnt and Donkey Kong Country are awesome quality games.

gamerdude1323160d ago

Before you people start accusing Microsoft for it (they've done a lot of wrong, but just finish reading), know that the developers left RARE and went to none other than Free Radical and created the true spiritual successors to GoldenEye and Perfect Dark: TimeSplitters. They now work under CryTek as CryTek UK.

shoddy3160d ago

Parfect Dark is a long time ago. I wonder what they have next?

Black-Helghast3160d ago

Dude Killer Insticnt is my favorite fighting game! I wish they made another one.. :(

Shepherd 2143160d ago

Some developers make the transition to newer generations better than others.

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Shok3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Microsoft is what happened.

Pehdahosman3160d ago

Kameo was the last true rare classic it was also my GOTY 05. I hope rare gets back on their feet and makes a new killer instinct,a new Kameo and a new conker those will help rare get back to their 1990s glory if those don't work than Rare is a lost cause.

Moonboots3160d ago

Kameo was a great! Your comment sums up my thoughts on Rare as well.

cb4g3160d ago

I always passed up on Kameo, now I regret it! Was it really that good? I've heard mixed reviews.

A true Conker game would be nice!

Pehdahosman3159d ago

yes dude try out its that awesome Kameo its great.but its short good thing its only 5$ =)

jdnorthwest3160d ago

Change happens. Turn over and the merging of development teams should be a good thing. However the market is looking for the familiar, and people enjoy playing the same thing time and time again.

Lirky3160d ago

Well rareware rare were bought by microsoft to develope games exclusively for microsoft so their microsofts first party studio.

But rare did not realease any games of lately that were like mascot type games. Unless they are waiting for E3 11' to show some new games.

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