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Last year I compiled a list of things for the affluent, items few gamers would ever purchase but that we might all have drooled at as they taunted us, glittering wonderfully behind store windows. It was actually more of a mix of mostly accessible items and socially irresponsible toys. This year I'm taking a slightly different perspective on things. I'm still going to compile a list of items that your poor gamer would probably pass on, but it might be a touch more practical this time around. In other words, there won't be anything on this list costing more than a grand.

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tigresa4700d ago

Under a grand, going thrify, eh? So much freaking collector's editions came out this year. I didn't get a single one. I'd like the Assassin's Creed one... I still kick myself over missing the ACII one last time and now it's nowhere, of course. :(

rrquinta4700d ago

I'm kicking myself that I missed the Alan Wake CE yesterday :S. $30 !!

K-Tuck4699d ago

Ugh, The Guy Game. Terrible.

TheLiztress4699d ago

I'd love to get my hands on some Collector's Editions. The extra goodies are nice to have even if they are pointless. :( Not sure I'd want to use the playing cards or poker chips.


Top 10 Sucky Game Covers That Really Sucked

Some box art is just ridiculous. Why would companies ever think these 10 designs would ever sell a game? They suck!

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bloop2039d ago

Someone should do a top 10 sucky websites that split sucky top 10 lists over 10 sucky pages that really suck.

Fist4achin2039d ago

The site sucks. I just have two things to say about the list:

I thought Bioshock Infinite didn't deserve to be on this list and his comments on the game makes me think everything gaming wise for this guy after pong was downhill.

I hope that the guy on the cover of The Guy Game files for harassment bc I feel like him and most other guys in orange shirts are just being used as sexual objects.

Just my two cents


Five Times Games Went Too Far With "Sexy"

I'll be honest, I've only played #3 & #5 from my list, the rest required research. I had no idea how many games were out that were designed to be overly sexualized or plainly put xrated. My list is of games that were suppose to be a game but with adult theme that just might of gotten carried away.

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Mulando2040d ago

yes you can.
I didn't think that when I was 16 but over item I totally changed my position on that topic. And I more than doubled that 16 ^^ ... I think you can call me an old gamer now.

cleft52039d ago

I am older than your double 16, you can never go too far sexy wise. As long as we are referring to legal stuff of course, but really that should just be assumed to be so. Games, like every other medium, is an art form that allows content producers to express themselves. What needs to change is people childish outlook on what gaming is and what it can be.

Mr Marvel2039d ago

@Mulando You're probably just gay.

cleft52039d ago

They actually put Bayonetta on this list... thats just sad.

CaptainObvious8782039d ago

It's funny how today's feminists have turned into the evangelical Christians of the 90s, people they'd readily call sexist and misogynistic.

Feminists have no self awareness.

rainslacker2039d ago

I think you can, but in the case of DOA, the sexy is kind of it's thing. Is it distasteful? Maybe, but that's subjective. I have a feeling that most people who brought DOA, the excessive fan service doesn't really turn them away, nor do they really fuss about it that much.

It'd be nice if the media maybe realized that games are made for a target audience, and that not everything is made for them.

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yellowgerbil2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I remember buying the first DOA volleyball game at Best Buy when I was 16 I was so afraid they were going to turn me away. I starred at that little rating that said nudity and dreamed of what could be. The cashier gave me a look but sold me the game and I went home with glee. Putting in the disc I giggled with anticipation. A diving naked ass and a clothed stripper dance, now we are talking... then the game starts and NO NUDITY. The manual hints at a secret part of the island so I play for hours and hours trying to find how to unlock a nude beach that doesn't exist. 16 year old me went to bed that night disappointed.
You can never have enough sexy

JROCKNXL2040d ago

I think we all share that same story lol. we would do anything to see a boob lol

2040d ago
rainslacker2039d ago

I've had that with a couple anime titles back in the day when VHS was still not popular. Of course, at least one of them actually showed a lot more than I would have thought possible, so sometimes it worked out. For the most part with games though, there isn't really all that much in terms of over-indulgence in sexual stuff. It's not like watching any given HBO original series where it's mostly pointless outside of maybe one or two scenes.

_-EDMIX-_2040d ago

I have no clue what they mean by "too far"

what is this the 1950s?

2040d ago
FullmetalRoyale2040d ago

In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. But now God knows, anything goes.

TFJWM2039d ago

Damn, guess the disagrees didn't listen to Fallout Radio...

Skid2039d ago

The only game that went too far in their article is 'The Guy Game' and only for the reason that there was a minor in it who was 17 and not 18 or over.

rainslacker2039d ago

I saw some ankle in Crash Bandicoot. I was triggered!!!

_-EDMIX-_2039d ago

Lol 😂😂😂 28514;