GT5 has adjustable seats

Thanks to a user on Gtplanet forum who actually own a copy of GT5,.. and yes GT5 has adjustable seats :)

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wat6344340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Unless your actually the driver, I don't see the point.

@below - You "playboys" remind me of this :

And through my years, ive seen worse.

scar204340d ago

Cuz its a gt5 article of course you wouldnt understand bill gates your all microsoft.

Chubear4340d ago

What about teh rims?!?! .. and I want to put master chief's arse on da hood! what about that PD uh? what about master chief's sweet sweet arse. ;(

4340d ago
-Alpha4340d ago Show
AtatakaiSamurai4340d ago

the irony of your coment & link is sweet

MaxXAttaxX4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Yes Alpha, let's ignore what 'wat634' said.

Well I'd say at least 90% of Forza was borrowed from GT. So yeah, good point.

Let's see... Dynamic daytime and weather, WRC, Nascar, Super GT, Photo mode, drivers and crews, Top Gear, licenses, driving line... that was all borrowed from Forz-- oh wait, no.

Bereaver4340d ago

Yeah, I'm sorry alpha. But he's clearly trolling just as wat# is trolling.

I thought I wouldn't see the day where you skipped the original post and complain about someone else doing the same stupid thing below it.

And you were serious about it too. That's the irony.

-Alpha4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

"As for adjustable seats, Nitro said it best below"

That was my response to Troll #1. I didn't "skip" him, but I decided to respond to the equally trollish comment below because it was unnecessary.

ShinMaster4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Troll #1 gets eaten alive because he came to an article of concern to only PS3 gamers and GT fans(as the tags above state).

Troll #2 didn't go into a Forza/360 article to troll.


NecrumSlavery4340d ago

Sitting back in cock pit view would probably give you the most realism from that perspective since we do have a peripheral vision and don't usually sit nose pressed to the windshield. Another feature I appreciate.

Dee_914340d ago

well its not adjustible seats
just different camera view
narrow wide or normal

ExplosionSauce4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

I agree with Alpha-Dude22. Forza's custom paint job thingy is pretty cool.

Although I'd be more than happy with a Midnight Club / NFS:MW -type vinyl and decal customization :)
Here's hoping for GT6.

number474340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

More people are interested in driving simulations, than painting pikachu's on cars & shogun bodykits...Thats probably because PD actually owns/races in real life though & puts gamers into racing careers... could be wrong though.. But just like people prefer halo over killzone2. People just prefer GT over any other console sim. It offers things nothing else does when it comes to the world of photo realism/simulation.

Painting is nice, but ill take:

Photoreality/weather/night/pa rticles/sim/headtracking/HDpho t o/youtube/Rally/TopGearTrack over ... a painted car without animated airbrakes/spoilers. & the same features as the second game... Safe to say that most think this way as well.

radphil4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

It baffles me to actually watch you goofballs attack Alpha like that.

I mean I can see why people dislike N4G's community to begin with. Some of you attack unnecessarily for no reason.

Steven214340d ago

most pointless story ever. why the fuck would i want to adjust the seats in a car im not in lol

MerkinMax4340d ago

But so many of you are quick to say how amazing this little feature is when Forza 3 had the same ability to adjust the FOV. Maybe other games had it before, I'm not sure.

ShinMaster4340d ago

Why hasn't wat634's comment been marked for trolling yet!?

And the say PS3 fanboys run this site??
Yeah right! Hahaha

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Nitrowolf24340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

don't see the point?
I will probably be using default seating position or move it back a bit, but it's a nice feature. It's all about distance for some players. It could be useful for example maybe the player isn't close enough to see in the distance or are to close that they want to be able to see more with head tracking. Because i am assuming the closer you are the less space you have to move your head.

If you notice how close the player gets to the front, it appears that when they would turn their head from that view they would just get the mirror, but furthur back you would get the mirror (which would be more to the right side o the screen) and the side of your car. Like i said it is a neat little feature.


-Alpha4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Ah, you are right, you can adjust view. For some reason I wasn't thinking about that. Nice touch indeed.

40cal4340d ago

I agree, adjustable seats in conjunction with the head tracking is a huge win for me.

Theonik4340d ago

It also has to do with visibility. Some people have smaller screens or seat further from their screen so it's more natural if they have the car view closer to the windscreen.

CleanUP-CharliE4340d ago

What do you expect coming from WAT634 with that pic LOL

4340d ago
ZombieNinjaPanda4340d ago

What is this "playboy" you speak of?

Quagmire4340d ago

Something he enjoys reading on a saturday evening.

SkyCrawler4340d ago

Is one big paradox....Sigh why can't the community here be a little more civil like kotaku?

poindat4340d ago

As far as GT5 goes, Kotaku has the most ignorant and spiteful community out there. Seriously, just go into any GT5 article, positive or negative, and read the comments.

Trying to discuss something with 90% of N4G is like trying to hold a discussion with a mentally disabled person while trying to discuss something with 90% of Kotaku is like trying to discuss something with a stuck up elitist prick. Neither is very good.

SkyCrawler4340d ago

I rarely see any disputes on kotaku, I'm sure theres some but not as many as there are here. Again its from what I've seen...I was just there and it seemed like everyone just put down what they thought and if they had to reply it wasn't as nasty as it is here. But I could be wrong I admit that. Its just tiring seeing the creeps here pulling out everything just to 1up each other.

radphil4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )


At the same time, they have specific writers that submit articles, not a site that has articles submitted by random internet people.

If a dispute happens out over at Kotaku, those comments get deleted later on.

The point is though, that they do happen. pointdat kinda summed it up though. While you have fools here, you have elitist punks over on the other one. Least though over at kotaku, there's some more people that TRY to use logic onto others. Here? It doesn't matter. You say anything logical that's for and/or opposite of what is put around in the article, nine times out of ten there's going to be SOMEONE that disagrees with you, even if it's flat out obvious.

I don't understand why there's an agree/disagree system. It's just a cop-out for people that don't want to even explain themselves for the most part. If anything, they should at least let you see who agreed/disagreed, so that way people don't mindlessly press a button on multiple accounts.

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KageMonkey4340d ago

It's ironic. If you want to talk about "sheep", you might want to take a look at Microsoft-supporters who bought into HD-DVD, Zune, Kin, Bing, and now Kinect due to highly misleading marketing campaigns that tries to sell old and inferior technology as innovation.

"Sheep" would not even begin to describe people who gives Microsoft money, a company that doesn't invest into R&D, and instead, puts the capital into misleading marketing campaigns to try to sell consumers old and inferior technology.

Masterchef20074340d ago

what is with the pic? He looks so innocent in it when in real life he is guilty as hell

visualb4340d ago

nice description of yourself


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Red_Phoenix4340d ago

Wow, that's a feature I would of never even thought of asking for. It's amazing how many little things, like this, they put into the game. I always play around with my car seat in real life, just because I get bored of one position, so this feature is a definite plus for me.

Hell-Helghast4340d ago

Sweet..come on guys we need this article to hit 1000 degrees.

El_Colombiano4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

For what reason exactly? I understand that man is amazing and I'm truly inspired by him. I hope he can get a job somewhere doing what he loves, but that has nothing to do with article.

Hell-Helghast4340d ago

Did you even bother to look at the story? WTF 3 disagrees sum ppl have no heart.

Nitrowolf24340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

because this is a GT5 article not about a blind man who can make games. I don't go around posting links about people that died this morning, it's just off topic regardless how sad it is that people died.

Bereaver4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

Giving you a hit/agree doesn't help/hurt this man at all.

So I have no clue what you're talking about.

"Having no heart."

Is there an N4G special about this guy?

If it gets to 1000 degrees does he get money?

Cold 20004340d ago

Yeah thats freaking amazing, kind of moved me too when I read the article.

visualb4340d ago

but its HIPHOPGAMERSHOW = trash

its like having paris hilton covering a touching subject = still trashy