Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

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Game: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
Genre: Action
Developer: LucasArts, Aspyr Media(PC), Red Fly Studio(Wii)
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform(s): PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox360

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Dramscus2983d ago

Yahtzee does the most accurate game reviews on the internet.
Not only are the riddled with humor and spite, he gives credit when it's due and shits on every fault he can find.
Much appreciated.

-X-2983d ago

The best thing about it is that he sums it up in only a few minutes. I hate having to watch a 20 minutes review on a game.

visualb2983d ago

check this

to understand what he means at the beginning of the review...

eggbert2983d ago

makes you sit through an ad for every review.

Nevertheless, he has the most entertaining reviews.

RetroIntro2983d ago

Well I'm usually on the site like every now and then, and I do not see any ads. Speaking of ads, I never see them. Must be the software am using, sweeeet.

killershadow1172983d ago

Ad Blocker on Firefox works wonders my friend

XXXCouture2983d ago

sometimes he just speaks a little too quick, but makes me better at english

n to the b2983d ago

I haven't noticed anyone posting Zero Punctuation to n4g before this, now that I think about it - which is surprising. I've watched pretty much every single video he's posted to The Escapist.

he's a little too harsh some times IMO. on the other hand, most reviewers don't call devs out for some of the [email protected] that prob should be criticized.

Squall50052983d ago

I post his videos on here nearly every week, but I'm usually lucky to get about 20degrees =P

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The story is too old to be commented.