Head2Head - Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas

Badass Panda: We compare the similarities and differences between 2 of this generation’s most iconic WRPGs.

Ever since playing Elder Scrolls non-stop years ago, i have loved Bethesda-tagged RPGs. Foolishly, i didn’t jump into Fallout 3 straight away in 2008, but when i did i found out that it was a great game full of things to do, and so i was excited about Fallout: New Vegas.

New Vegas is, perhaps controversially, very similar to Fallout 3. As we pointed out in our review, there are enough new features to keep it fresh, and Obsidian have done a great job to keep Bethesda’s standard. But exactly what they did can sometimes be missed, and so it’s time for a Head2Head comparison!

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Bolts2986d ago

This is a silly comparison because Fallout 3 can not take the same route that Vegas did with it's factions and fan service. Fallout 3 is actually a reboot and primer for the console players to step into the Fallout universe. So factions like the NCR and various events discussed in Vegas would too much of a burden for them.

gamerdude1322986d ago

"So factions like the NCR and various events discussed in Vegas would too much of a burden for them."

They didn't even start talking about the NCR and Caesar's Legion until this game. About the only big faction they mentioned was the Brotherhood of Steel, which don't play a big role in this game. And no, they really don't talk about anything that happened in D.C. in this game. You're telling me that gamers are too stupid to be able to pick it up.

mistajeff2986d ago

i think he means that people who started playing fallout with fallout 3 would have trouble digesting the whole history of the NCR and its origins rooted all the way back in the first Fallout, that fallout 3 is more a basic introduction to two factions of the fallout universe rather than an in-depth continuation of the first two games.

cuz honestly, it doesn't really make sense how powerful the enclave is in fallout 3 after you destroy them at the end of fallout 2.

Viper72986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Comparison lacks a really relevant category: Technical issues.
Fallout New vegas is really poor compared to Fallout3 in this category, Where Fallout3 (VANILLA NO DLC) is probably the most polished product made by Bethesda up to date. Fallout Vegas in the other hand is a real disappointment in this category. Constant freezing, bugs which some of are really bad do some serious damage to the games fun factor.

This is a shame as Vegas (imo) is better in pretty much everything else.

solidt122986d ago

Fallout 3 had issues too when it first came out but they fixed them pretty fast and added trophies.

Viper72985d ago

Not even nearly as much as Fallout vegas has now, bought it at launch and freezes where pretty uncommon.

RudeSole Devil2986d ago

Head2Head? Seems like every website out there is trying to rip off someones else's idea. At least attempt to come up with an original comparison name for your stuff. Pathetic!

Perjoss2986d ago

Yeah its not great, they compare the crafting in both games even though they admit they didnt really use the crafting in Vegas much at all.

It seems like the writer played Vegas on normal mode as opposed to hardcore, which is strange as the biggest problem with Fallout 3 was that it was too easy. I've heard about so many people finishing the game with 100+ stimpacks and way too much cash.

A survival game like Fallout is very shallow if you remove the need for sleep, eating and drinking.