New Tony Hawk flops at retail

Activision's Tony Hawk: Shred suffered perhaps the most disappointing launch of any game in the US during October.

The title was a "virtual no-show", selling just 3,000 copies in its debut week, according to NPD figures released by Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz.

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zireno2984d ago

I don't know what the hell are they waiting to make a HD collection with all the great tony hawks pro skater games(1-4, and maybe underground 1-2) >:0!!! That I would buy, not this crappy games.

TheLastGuardian2984d ago

It only sold 3000 copies. That's pitiful. It might have sold 5000 if it was $10. Didn't they learn anything from TH:Ride? Why don't they just go back to the old formula that made the series good? They should make THPS5 or reboot the series next year.

mugoldeneagle032984d ago

I was a big fan of THPS back in the day. The last one I bought was Project 8, and the series has just gone downhill since then.

Hawk needs to just go back to the arcade-like game play that made 1-2-3 so much fun and release it on PSN/XBL for like $20-30. I'd buy it day 1, and I'm sure a lot of other people would too.

vhero2982d ago

It's what you get for releasing a sequel to a game that was completely crap with a board that doesn't work.

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archemides5182984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

everyone should have seen this coming and most probably did. same for dj hero, guitar hero, rock band etc, unless they are totally disconnected from reality

pretty sad to see all these big boxes at stores that u know nobody is gonna buy, better off not making them and donating that money to starvin peeps

ian722984d ago

Not suprised really, especially after the last terrible game.

Vip3r2984d ago

Good. The less milked titles the better.

FunAndGun2984d ago

He has fallen a long way since Pro Skater.

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The story is too old to be commented.