Capcom Defend's Dante's Re-Design and Comments on G.O.W

Capcom U.K PR Manager Mr Leo Tan, speaks on Dante's Re-design for DLC and also states it is not a reboot, and he also give's his views on G.O.W Franchise ( PS3 Fanboy's beware)

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TronEOL2983d ago

Don't know why it says "PS3 Fanboys beware" when he says nothing at all against God of War. He just speaks the truth. God of War is a sick game that everyone can play. And I find it perfectly fair that it isn't his type of game.

It's pretty much the same for me, except I loved Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, but I hated Bayonetta. The gameplay was very technical, yes, but also very easy to pull a "God of War" to make it through the entire game. I personally didn't like the characters though, nor the story. Whereas God of War taking on the theme of Greek mythology fit much better with me.

A skanky, sexed up girl, with terrible music and little to no story doesn't do it for me. Games are about a mixture of gameplay, story, and how well they immerse you with their visuals.

Bayonetta had it's gameplay down for those who only cared for that, but God of War had everything sitting at an even, well-done level.

Anyhow, I like what he said about the new DMC, since I'm also giving Ninja Theory the benefit of the doubt.

firelogic2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Based on NT's track record of heavenly sword and enslaved, aesthetics aside, they can't do a DMC type of fast/fluid combat game. They are what they are and they have their own style of animation and it just doesn't fit in with a fast/fluid/frenetic type of action I expect from a DMC title.

Their controls and movements have been more than sluggish and unresponsive in their two titles and it's because of their mo-capped animation which I don't see them moving away from.

Oh, and the BLOOOOOOOM!!!

Game-ur2983d ago

The story was crapy in Bayonetta but the game is still great and cool.

About DMC, the capcom guy is simplifying things, the problem is more than just the hair, its the scrawny body and the clothes and the face and the attitude and the look in his eyes.

Respect the fans opinion capcom or this game will flop

lightningsax2983d ago

@Firelogic, I agree 100%. If you liked Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, why would you let Ninja Theory get anywhere near one of the flagship games of that hack-and-slash genre? This deal is like handing the NES Ninja Gaiden franchise to LJN. Maybe they'll pull through, but they'd really have to go beyond their normal output to make a great DMC game.

Like "fire most of your creative staff and management, re-make Ninja Theory, then try to make DMC" beyond.

Bathyj2983d ago

Thats what I didnt like about Bayonetta.

The crappy dialouge, even worse voice acting.

GoW made me feel, not like I was watching a movie, but like I was living a story. The voice acting, scripting, cutscenes were all top notch. They suck you in and immerse you. Zeus was MY dad, and I had to kill that bastard.

Bayonetta just reminded me imediately that I was mearly playing a game. And a B-Grade sounding game at that. It might have had a great technical combat system. I wouldnt know, because it turned me off before I could get that far into it. It was like a great actor walking onto the set of Days of our Lives. I felt better things were around and I didnt want to be there.

Now enough time has passed I should give it another go, maybe in six months when my GT fever subsides. Hopefully by then I wont hold it up to GoW's production values and I can enjoy it for what it is.

darkdoom30002983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Capcom redesigned/rebooted to sell more copies. But action games don't usually sell that much.

Ninja gaiden 2 sold around 1.5 mil.
Bayo sold around 1 mil
DMC4 sold around 3mil

Except, GOW. GOW actually sells a lot for an action game. Over 3 million each game. And thats only on one console.

And what combat system had NT done before? GOW style combat (Well, they tried, didn't really succed)
It makes sense... business wise... to make DMC more like GOW.

It happened with castlevania. and I have a bad feeling its gonna happen with DMC too.

sweettooth2983d ago

Bayonetta fuck GOW3 & NG & DMC COMBINED every real gamer knows that .

Athlon2983d ago

Well, she is a whore. So technically, yes.

mac_sparrow2983d ago

God Of War is unlike Bayonetta in that it's not supposed to be about a vast variety of layered combinations, what it's supposed to be about is an accessible, stress relieving spectacle; and it pulls that off like no other game has ever managed.

wissam2983d ago

I am a real gamer and failoetta sucked hard. try harder.

Igneel2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

What's the deal with bayonetta? isnt this about Gow and capcom? keep the theme up.

GoW and Capcom.

edit: Bayonetta has much more replay Value then GoW3 though. You guys havent played it Through the end. So many Characters and Secret Fights to Unlock. Very Skills based ACtion game aswell. Cant please everybody I guess.

Tell me that video aint Epic :D and he pulled a Pure platinum!

sweettooth2983d ago

I like the way you think

wissam2983d ago

You are right. but there is no way this game was epic
not in my book.

NS2983d ago

Gameplay is better in Byonetta but everything GOW is better.

Igneel2983d ago

Well it depends on what you like really. I cant really talk for you because I'm more of a Japanese action Game type of guy then american. Games like GoW , Dante's inferno and DarkSiders who feature a much more american styled approach dint do anything special for me whereas Bayonetta , Ninja Gaiden 2 / Sigma 2 granted me alot of fun and challenge.

depends on preferences really.

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Redempteur2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

it's easy to put a "god of war" in bayonnetta s you play in easy or very easy mode .

Sorry guys but god of war on "titan " and and bayonneta on hard/higher are NOT the same game...

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CountDracula2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Capcom needs to do less defending and less offending with their crappy redesigns and fire their EMO/Hipster Art directors.

scar202983d ago

Give me my original dante back and you have a sale if no then f*** off.

SeraphimBlade2983d ago

But it IS the original dante. Just younger. Watch the video. I know. It's scary. God forbid his hair wasn't always completely white.


In DMC3 Dante was supposed to be 18 years old and his hair was completelly white. Are you going to tell now this emo bitch is Dante 16 years old?

MrChow6662983d ago

I would prefer a DMC done by a good developer, not NT

Genecalypse2983d ago

Tameem Antodies said he doesnt care about the fans reaction to DMC? Maybe he'll care when the game bombs.

scar202983d ago

Where did he say that i would like to give him a piece of my mind.

dgroundwater2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"Tameen looked at me a moment and took a drag of his cigarette. Then without blinking, and without pausing to exhale the smoke from his mouth he said, “I don't care.”

And neither should any other developer."

Sorry, no matter how obnoxious you think that is... He is a pimp and haters gonna hate. If devs listened to reactionaries on the Internet all day we'd probably be stuck with lower variety and no experimental games.

ForeAllEternity2983d ago

"Sorry, no matter how obnoxious you think that is... He is a pimp and haters gonna hate. If devs listened to reactionaries on the Internet all day we'd probably be stuck with lower variety and no experimental games."

It could be interpreted either as bold or ignorant, depending on how the game sells. But with Enslaves' performance, I doubt the game would produce GOW-esque numbers.

MrChow6662983d ago

what an asshole biting the hand that feeds him, I wont buy any of his crap ugly games

Balt 2983d ago

Capcom can defend Dante's looks but can they defend Ninja Theory's history of poor software sales? We shall see.

Nitrowolf22983d ago

Because to Capcom its DMC, meaning it will sell. But since its DMC we expect The old Dante, not this emo Hipster.

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