Only One Week to GT5

NextGN writes: "I honestly thought the world would end before Gran Turismo 5 would see the light of day – fortunately, there is only one week left until the most anticipated racing game of all time will be available in stores. Gran Turismo 5 is probably the reason you own a PlayStation 3 – nobody really expected the game to be delayed almost two years, did they?"

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LittleBigHalo2984d ago

This is going to be the slowest week of my life. :(

nix2984d ago

oh god... tell me about it.. n those gt5 vids are not helping me either.

rextyrann2984d ago

does anyone know what kind of stand hes put his wheel on?

i ordered a logitech driving force GT but if i want to play on my couch ill need something to put it on. couchtable is somewhat not good for that...

Cyrax_872984d ago

Weird, I can't find a single link to where Sony said this game was coming out in 2008.

DoomeDx2984d ago

One week to much...

I wish i can Race in time! to 24 november!
You get it? Race in time? hahahah

Ok not funny.

moe842983d ago

+bubble for pity.

I lold though... kinda

godmoney2984d ago

They better put out a damn good game...