EMEAA Weekly Chart for November 13, 2010

VgChartz:- Call of Duty: Black Ops is out. Find out how much it sold after the jump. Below is the hardware breakdown for the week ending November 13, 2010:

PS3 230,284 (+27%) 19,378,568
X360 226,598 (+78%) 17,827,145
DS 222,163 (+13%) 55,657,213
Wii 207,147 (+9%) 29,643,740
PSP 83,997 (+17%) 26,336,170
PS2 53,655 (+11%) 62,609,421

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NecrumSlavery2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

PS2 sold 50,000 systems? I think Sony lied. I think the PS2 might be an 11 year

Congrats to Sony and Ms for topling the Wii again. You hear me Nintendo, update your home entertainment system!

InfectedDK2987d ago

Great estimates for the PS3 version of CoD!

Balt 2988d ago

That's not a very big commanding lead.

BrianG2988d ago

Does the lead really matter?

Just asking.

Balt 2988d ago

Sure it does. Sales do, as much as the trailing system's core audience hates to admit it, really matter. They depict just how much support and, if any at all, what 3rd party will be willing to support it with exclusive content.

That content being games or DLC. So, yeah, they really kind of do matter. This gen has been such a tight race that, from a business standpoint, it was best to just make things even across the board and evenly distribute the software and perks for fear of missing a target audience.

In the past it was much easier for a developer/publisher to say no to one system and yes to another all due to massive sales leads or lack of -- depending.

BrianG2988d ago

Oh I agree its important for 3rd party support and what not, but the guy I was commenting to was trying to troll I guess. Pointing out that the lead was small.

Does that really matter? no. But yea I agree worldwide sales do matter as far as support for the system.

stuna12987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

That ship has already sailed! All the consoles have sold enough units to guarantee that they will have support! This isn't 2007-08! Even though we all know how you like to go back and visit from time to time.

I had to go back and reread your comment, and I realised you put your foot in your own mouth! By it being such a close race and all. Go figure, that is exactly what I would expect to come out of a delusional persons mouth.

Godmars2902987d ago

If that list is anywhere close, which it can't be, then its not only saying that the PS3 has taken the lead, but that Kinect had no impact on 360 sales.

Man_of_the_year2987d ago

"then its not only saying that the PS3 has taken the lead, but that Kinect had no impact on 360 sales."

How do you figure that?

This is a "weekly" chart. 360 sales are +78% oppose to the PS3's +27%. So it seems pretty obvious that Kinect had an impact.

Godmars2902987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Those are weekly world sales, not just mid month US?

Still not good for MS, not in the long run.

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Simco8762987d ago

Its matters? lol

Whats funny is, the leading console has child's games and sub HD. The Xbox 360 is losing exclusives and moving to casual gaming

The last place guy has the most diverse and high quality games releasing on the system. Sales matter? hA!

Tony-A2987d ago

Neither is the Worldwide lead...

stuna12987d ago

Ka..ka..ka.ching! Call the Whambulance stat! Make sure that they have plenty of gauze, and azz ointment, because somebody butt is hurting!

Tony-A2987d ago

Wow, stuna. Talk about taking things to the extreme. I didn't realize that comparing two things to each other was "butthurting".

Motorola2988d ago

Even though its VGchartz it will somehow get approved...

xYLeinen2987d ago


130k units of Black Ops for the PC.

DigitalAnalog2987d ago

Another "estimate" I presume?

-End statement

visualb2987d ago

anyone can do it, you just have to have enough time of the day to waste making up random numbers

TBH my estimate is that PS3 sold 252,842 words vs the guy who pulled these numbers!

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