Nintendo Wii For $170 in Japan

According to Nikko Citigroup, the Nintendo Wii could be available at launch for only $170, which is less than most people expected.

Tokyo-based Nikko Citigroup has said that the Wii could cost around 19,800 yen, which would be around $170 with current exchange rates, however, the consoles price tag will probably be around $200 when it launches in the US.

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Optimus Prime5381d ago

that is gunna sell. i have to say, japan will be nintendos country

shotty5381d ago

If this is the price, nintendo has succesfully taken over Japan. Wow 3 wiis for the price of 1 ps3.

kingboy5381d ago

yea but the WII will never be a ps3 replacement,will it? lol! soo cheap that it makes me scared buying one.

Silverwolf5381d ago

If it does come to the US with a $170.00 price tag. Walmart shoppers will be all over it!

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The story is too old to be commented.