Wii's Best Shooters

Despite not being the most visually spectacular console, the Wii has gotten its fair share of great shooters over its four year lifespan. It took a while for developers to nail down pointer controls, but once they did, some of the best-controlling shooters of all time were produced. Out of every shooter on Wii of the first-person variety, which are the best?

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Unknow_Master2984d ago

wii's best shooter are way better than ps3 generic-gray-only-5-minute-gam eplay-alway-the-same-sht-one

Desert Turtle2984d ago

Agreed to an extent. Killzone 2 and Resistance 1/2 were meh, but I enjoy Battlefield 1943.

Shok2984d ago

Same, I agree, to a certain extent. Killzone and Resistance aren't generic, but IMO they are graphically, but still, they are great shooters.

Wii shooters are more varied and have more personality, like Metroid and Goldeneye 007 and Red Steel 2.

Venox20082983d ago

medal of honor: heroes 2 (good controls and good game)

EvilTwin2983d ago

I'd honestly list COD4/Reflex over Conduit, just because of the online bugs. I give HVS credit for pioneering a fully-customizable Wii control scheme (that everyone has copied since), but the spawning glitch and hackers ruined that game. I think they'll do right with Conduit 2, though. It looks like they've learned a lot.

Can't argue with the rest of the list. It boggles my mind how the Prime Trilogy isn't considered up there with Orange Box.