Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review [Game Rant]

Phillipe Bosher of Game Rant writes: "Playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is like being the underdog in a classic movie. Having to fight against insurmountable odds: outclassed, outweighed, outnumbered; there’s always a reason why you’re guaranteed to fail. It’s these reasons why we love the worlds of Rocky, The Karate Kid and other such movies — we see them beat the odds, and we feel we can too. They give us a sense of hope, joy, and a euphoria that lasts long after the credits roll. Many games have tried to tease similar emotions out of the player, but none so far have managed to beat those giant odds, none so far have managed to evoke that pure sense of utter euphoria. None, that is, until Need for Speed Hot Pursuit."

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electricshadow2987d ago

Another awesome score. I'm picking this up in about an hour so I'm super excited that it's been getting great reviews so far.

SpeedyDesiato2987d ago

The game is really great -- I hope you enjoy it man!