Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - new info

SEGA has revealed a fact sheet of new details for the upcoming Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity on Nintendo Wii. The hover board sequel's hook (in replace of the poor air-riding facet of the original) looks to be the ability to manipulate gravity.

SEGA explains that gravity-altering powers will allow players to create black holes, tears in physical world that allow for the "ultimate speed boost."

There'll be 18 characters from the Sonic universe to choose from, as well as the chance to battle against up to three other players in a trio of multiplayer modes.

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Rooftrellen4154d ago

Sonic Riders was a decent game to play for a while, but nothing more than a retal, really. I don't think I'll be buying this, either, but I enjoyed the shortcut hunting and perfecting enough in the first one, and I have enough faith in Sega to make the gravity thing work out, that I think this is a rental, too.

I'm not so sure this will be as good as the original, though...because the whole changing gravity thing seems even more weird than throwing shells at other people in Mario Kart, and Sonic doesn't do weird quite as well.

djt234153d ago

they need to make you play with wii broad
but it look good