GameFocus: Hasbro Family Game Night 3 Review

GameFocus: "Are you ready to get your game on? No, I’m not talking about pwning noobs in the latest Call of Duty or crossing the galaxy with Commander Sheppard. I’m talking about something a little more classic. Something that provides timeless gameplay and ushers in nostalgic memories of both child and adulthood. Board games. And no other brand is more famous for board games than Hasbro."

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ddelella2983d ago

I played all of them on the Wii and maybe 3 were good. Cluedo was a joke. The original clue game is far better and has way less weird rules. Life was fun but the controller movements didn't pickup well during some of the minigames. Yahtzee is always good. Mouse Trap was alright but kind of repetative. Twister was just dumb. I would give this collection a 6.5 - 7 and I am still bitter that it won't be released individually. I don't want to buy them all so I guess I will never buy them. Sucks for Hasbro loosing money.