Hoard Review at Spawn Kill

Gamers love to collect gold. It’s kind of their bread and butter. As such, it seems rather natural for increasing one’s personal acquisitions to be the primary goal behind Big Sandwich Games’ latest downloadable title Hoard.

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theherp802984d ago

us gamers do love to collect gold... the last thing i need is another addictive game where i spend hours collecting things lol

tigresa2984d ago

This game can be pretty addictive actually... I'm glad this one fell on my radar. Hope other people get the memo!

rrquinta2984d ago

I have been hearing good things about this game. Is there a demo?

Snarkasaur2984d ago

Why that backdrop though..irks me...

TheLiztress2984d ago

Hoard sounds fun as I'm the type who likes to collect things in games.

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