First Shenmue City screens

Sega, Ys Net and Sunsoft have released the first official screens for the latest entry in the Shenmue series, Shenmue City for PC and mobile.

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Yi-Long2986d ago

... that Sega just doesn't listen to the fans and doesnt have a clue.

We don't want a game like Shenmue City. We want Shenmue 1 and 2 in HD and in the original language on XBLA/PSN...


That's all.

cemelc2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

What!!! this is not shenmue 3? then wth is it?

Fan Tastic2986d ago

still putting money into one of the crappiest franchises ever. Lame. What a waste of resources from a once legendary developer :(

Soul Train2986d ago

Words cannot express how dumb that comment of yours is. "Crappiest Franchises" you've obviously haven't played either Shenmue...or your 12 years old, not sure.

artynerd2986d ago

...just to give you a Disagree on that ignorant statement. Shenmue, whether you like it or not, has influenced games like Resident Evil through Fallout.

Shenmue was way ahead of its time, and comments like that tell me that there are still too many mouth breathing gamers out there to appreciate (and financially support) games with the subtlety and nuance of Shenmue.

But, with the success of games like Heavy Rain, there is hope for another REAL Shenmue game, as opposed to this little phone app. I'll still buy anything that has Shenmue on it, even the avatar clothes on Xbox Live, haha.

DigitalAnalog2986d ago

That was nearly 10 YEARS AGO! I will support this game at all cost as this is the only miracle way we may see the end of Shenmue 3. You don't like it, then it's going to be known forever in the gaming world as the "vaporware that could be".

-End statement

simonrope2986d ago

Wow. This looks so stupid. WORK ON SHENMUE 3 INSTEAD! :@

COINTELPRO2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


TheColbertinator2986d ago

I might as well try to find out what Shenmue City will turn out like

Redempteur2986d ago

why does theses shots remind me of teh early screens of shenmue online ??

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The story is too old to be commented.