Shenmue Creator Hopes to Make Shenmue 3

Series creator Yu Suzuki hopes to make the Shenmue franchise an official second sequel. The development of Shenmue 3 depends of the success of Shenmue City.

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omicron0092988d ago

never got into shenmue, was too boring.

Acquiescence2987d ago

There's always Medal Of Honour though, right?

WetN00dle692987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Sorry man but Shenmue is far from boring.
To me, Its one of the best titles ever released.
So i for one am in need of a continuation title.
And just for that reason alone i am willing to play Shenmue City.

AAACE52987d ago

As much as I liked Shen Mue, it will need a massive overhaul in order to speak to most gamers today! They will also have to find a way to get all 16 chapters to fit into a trilogy somehow!

I liked it as it was back then, but it needs to do something different in order to stand with the big boys today!

Tdmd2987d ago

I know what you mean. There was no shooting, nothing ever blowed up, no multiplayer... it's a wonder how so many people got into that, huh? It's crazy!

... ¬¬

fossilfern2987d ago

fuck sake how many of these have we seen in the past 2 months ? Sony or someone should just publish this and give them the money to get a new engine created and ofcourse make the game!

Murgatroyd72987d ago

Oh man, I would seriously kill for a new Shenmue. This needs to happen.

Yi-Long2987d ago

... but just the fact alone that it depends on the success of Shenmue City, is just a complete joke.

I don't think there was a single Shenmue fan who was happy with the announcement of Shenmue City.

hay2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I am happy. It's a chance to play Shenmue 3...

It's obvious that Sega needs some insurance. Shenmue had huge budget back then and it's all about the money.

But I'd prefer Shenmue HD collection to be factor of Shenmue 3 possibility...

RaymondM2987d ago

haha I remember Shenmue, that game was ahead of its time for sure. I loved how the townspeople would always say "oh hellooooo Ryo"

Fulensenca2987d ago

I think he should try knocking at Sony's door, I don' t think SEGA will ever do a new Shenmue due to costs and risks. Sony likes risk more than other.

jetlian2987d ago

how is sony gonna help shenmue?

Akagi2987d ago

They could produce/publish it.

Acquiescence2987d ago

then the PS3 is the console to sell it on, fo' sho'. And I mean as an exclusive. Yakuza 3 did well enough in the West to garner it's sequel to be released here also. Shenmue II bombed on the original Xbox. PS3 gamers just generally have a far greater appreciation of narrative-heavy, story-led experiences. This isn't fanboyism, it's fact.

Plus you need graphical prowess as well, and a game like Shenmue III would demand the very best in that respect. Many PS3 exclusives are the best looking games around these days.

As a PS3 exclusive, I genuinely think that a Shenmue HD Collection and Shenmue III would provide substantial sales for SEGA.

jetlian2986d ago

shenmue bombed period! It would cost sony a lot to get the exclusive rights. Yea ps3 look great but are gimped in the process. And story driven gaming on ps3 isn't even fact

Haxel0514102987d ago

Make Shenmue 3 for PS3 and put Shenmue 1 & 2 on PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.