Remedy's New Project Uses Kinect & Alan Wake Engine

TMC: It was previously reported that Remedy was working on an unannounced AAA project for the xbox 360. New information on their site reveals that Remedy will be using the Alan Wake engine once again along with some type of Kinect support.

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Hiruma Youchi2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Nice , this could be pretty sweet. I loved Alan Wake but Hope the game isn't AW2. I'd rather play the Sequel to AW2 with a Controller.

T9X692985d ago

Depends on how they do it, I wouldn't mind having Alan Wake 2 with Kinect support. I doubt they would make Alan Wake 2 a full fledge Kinect title. I'm interested to see what this is, all I have is casual games for Kinect, which isn't a bad thing, but it would be nice to play some core games and see what developers can come up with that is interesting.

CTU-Almeida2985d ago

On of the best. Need to get the DLC.

Game-ur2985d ago

First dragging Rare down now Remedy

Please make it stop

Kareshi_X2985d ago

There's still no Real information released about the game. Stop bashing what isnt out/shown yet.

T9X692985d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

And what's wrong with Rare? Kinect Sports is a great game, it's actually one of the best Kinect games right now. Very fun and addiction with almost zero lag, and on the hardest difficulty is pretty challenging. Table Tennis is the shit on there.

@NYC_Gamer - What's your point? Half of those games were remade for XBL and now they are doing something different. If Kinect Sports sucked horribly, then yea I could see what you mean, but it doesn't. It's actually a great game and worked much better than I expected.

EIDT2: TBH most developers had better games back in the day.

NYC_Gamer2985d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

whats wrong with Rare?check out their Nintendo line up of games compared to what their doing now..that will answer it all

just saying Rare had way better games with Nintendo

Biggest2985d ago

It's cool to speculate the unproven awesomeness, but not the proven lameness? Alan Wake 2, with proper support (meaning Microsoft letting them take their time again) is probably going to be awesome. Adding Kinect as the main controller or supplement will probably be more frustrating than good. Either way they do it I do hope for a PC version. Remedy used to be good at that.

Kareshi_X2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

You guys are still Blaiming Rare's Direction of games this gen post Banjo-Kazooie Nuts And Bolts on Microsoft? You guys should ''WIKIPEDIA''/ Google Rare and read some of the information available online before talking for a change. Most of the Original Staff members from the 90's that made the original Donkey kong , Banjo games left the team a few years before joining Microsoft in the early 2000's.

The problem is the new Blood there. Not microsoft. if the new kids arent capable of making a good game I doubt Microsoft is to blame.

Spartanv072984d ago

@persistantthugh- Actually 360 has a stronger GPU. It's a fact. Alan wake and Gears 2 look just as good as any ps3 title. They are about the same.

Thecraft19892984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Spartanv07 thats the biggest load of crap I have heard on N4g gears 2 and alan wake do not come close to likes of killzone 2-3 or uncharted. For one alan wake has resolution 540p.

Now the gpu in 360 dose come out on top compared to ps3 but bottleneck by the xeon processor that is designed for servers.

VictoriousB132984d ago

I love how you didn't say anything wrong but you still managed to collect 8 disagrees. The Sony fanboys must be out today.

number472984d ago

Actually 360 has a stronger GPU. It's a fact. Alan wake and Gears 2 look just as good as any ps3 title. They are about the same.

lol lol lol...

about the same.

Game-ur2984d ago

I did play Kinect with my nephew, I had to rearrange some furniture for 2 player setup, from the Adventures game I still see the "Rare" touch in graphics and game design, the only problem I had was actually the controls, lag made this game unplayable, I had to make actions more than a full second earlier than I should naturally do.

Biggest2984d ago

I can tell that you haven't learned how to find reliable information, Kareshi_X. Wiki is not and will never be the place to prove facts. If you want, I can modify Rare's Wiki page to say that they made the original Banjo & Kazooie in a space pod orbiting the known planet of "OMGNOTAPLANET!" while rinsing their feet with freeze dried coconuts.

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MNicholas2985d ago ShowReplies(13)
nickjkl2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

okay so youll let alan wake 2 have kinect and play the sequel to alan wake 2 with a controller i see

Kran2984d ago

Well what if it were both? Im sure as Kinect games adapt, you can play the game in both Kinect and controller, like Harry Potter 7. Or is it just Kinect for that?

Igneel2984d ago

In harry potter you can either play it with the controller and kinect. If this is Alan Wake 2 I'm sure it'll work the same way.

Kran2984d ago

@Igneel there we go then :)

niceguywii602984d ago

I disagreed because just because a game uses Kinect doesn't mean that it will use Kinect for primary gameplay control.

Man In Black2984d ago

They should've made Max Payne 3 instead of Rockstar. That would've been fucking awesome. Well, only if it got released on PC aswell.

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NYC_Gamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Remedy should have just stuck with T2/Rockstar

Hiruma Youchi2985d ago

you don't know what deal they made with microsoft. You don't know how much they got paid behind the scenes.

R2D22984d ago

Yeah because at the end of the day reputation pays the bills - allot of game companies have went bankrupt this gen because they took a risk and published a game there selfs only to break even or take a loss.

Why cant they have both reputation and money - see Bungie,

green2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I loved Alan Wake, so really excited to know what what their next project will be. Even though Alan Wake was not a commercial success, I am happy to see that they are already hard at work on their next project.

Cajun Chicken2985d ago

Still on my list to play. It's Remedy, nuff said.

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