LA Noire – It Intimidates Me

Play Mag: "I have a horrible feeling that LA Noire is going to make me feel like an idiot."

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Kurisu2991d ago

I'd love to see peoples comments on here if a gameplay trailer shown a play style similar to Heavy Rain!

Quagmire2991d ago

This guy has obviously not played a Phoenix Wright game.

BiggCMan2991d ago

As much as i would love for this game to really not spoon feed you throughout the whole thing, I just have a feeling it will. I really hope i'm wrong because it would turn out to be an amazing game if you could like change the course of the entire thing by missing a piece of evidence, or accusing the wrong person. That would be amazing, and would truly be a game that stands out. It's way to early to judge anything. I just hope it's not another game with random missions to make it longer like GTA 4, RDR or Mafia 2.