Alan Wake 2 to use Kinect!

Remedy Entertainment, the creator of Max Payne® and Alan Wake®, and one of the leading independent game studios in the world is now looking for a Programmer for a AAA console project.

We are looking for a skilled programmer with a passion for game programming to join our team. You will be working on the next iteration of Remedy’s unique game engine that was previously used in Alan Wake.


Passion for games
Extremely strong C++ skill set (MS Visual Studio)
Strong teamwork skills and a proactive attitude
Strong 3D math skills
Minimum two years of software development work experience
Appreciated additional knowledge and experience:

Experience on motion-control technology (e.g. Kinect)
Console game development
Multithreaded programming
Optimization experience with console games
Tools and pipelines programming
Audio system programming

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supremacy2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Though it would probably leave players with an on rail experience, that is unless they can come up with some alternative solution to the game play.

I mean...the future of gaming had to be more than just rail experiences.

Also this game better get some proper campaign ads this time around last game wasnt even on the radar.

ComboBreaker2984d ago

Luckily, they drop the total free roam thing and went with a very linear and limited world. Still, that wasn't good enough. So I was very glad to hear that the next one will be even more limiting, going totally on rail, with Kinect!

units2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

i can see this using both the controller and kinect

Acquiescence2984d ago

Chasing a sequel to Alan Wake, one of the most notorious flops of the year. Don't get me wrong, I liked the game a lot, but you have to be realistic about these things.

Cloudberry2984d ago

"Alan Wake 2 would use Kinect..."

Well, he / she's right about this.