8.0 Fable III Review

Fable and Fable II are two games that had much hype behind them prior to their eventual release. Mr Peter Molyneux, the man behind their creation, promised us so much from these games, but in the end he didn’t deliver. These promises related to decisions you made in the game having a real, visible effect on the world around you. However, the most disappointing thing was that the failure to keep these promises overshadowed two quite decent games.

In the build up to the release of the Fable III, Mr Molyneux took a more humble approach. He realised the error of his ways, no promises were made and he was a whole lot more honest when talking about the game. Was this approach a sign of quiet confidence or was he genuinely afraid to talk about Lionhead’s third foray into Albion? Hit the jump and read our review to find out.

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SSIDEUP2984d ago

I disagree. I think his approach was to simply dumb the game down so that people who disliked Fable II and it's rather clunky menu system would be unafraid to give this one a shot...

In short, he didn't take a humble approach, he sold out to the masses. Rather than develop the game in a direction that truly innovated the series, he instead relied on the hope that people wouldn't mind playing a game where actions don't matter, choices aren't relevant and the whole fundamental basis of previous iterations would be thrown to the wolves - all to make a quick buck.

Fable III is awful. Plain and simple.