The Fight: Lights Out "Transparency Patch" Coming

The Fight: Lights Out has been out only a few days, but in the light of the mixed reviews it has generated, developer Coldwood Interactive has been quick at addressing one of its most agreed upon issues. It was in fact confirmed to iWaggle3D that a patch is about to be released soon, adding the option to enable transparency on the player's fighter.

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MasterOfThe12Blades2991d ago

nice! this is actually my biggest complaint about the game.

frjoethesecond2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Yeah, this should be enough to turn this currently bad game into a pretty good game.

Not being sarcastic or anything.

MAJ0R2991d ago

hopefully, the reviews were pretty bad but from what everyone is saying the game is actually really good

apparently the reviewers didn't take the game seriously and weren't willing to actually throw a real punch

saint_john_paul_ii2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

the game is good and is 1:1, but over colliding your punches and no transparency just kills it. im just waiting for a few patches for them to bring, that way, i can buy it myself.

40cal2991d ago

Shoooot, I just might end up picking this up after all. A couple more patches and this game may end up being the gem I wanted.

FunAndGun2991d ago

I got it today and just got done playing for a few hours. It is pretty fun so far. My arms are tired and I started sweating toward the end.

I could definitely see how a transparency effect would help. Some of the camera angles just don't work because you can't see your opponent.

You also have to build up your character, so if you don't put anything into it, you will probably not enjoy it very much.

Looking forward to training more and seeing how the online handles. Betting should be fun if online is solid.

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TOO PAWNED2991d ago

Even if i couldn't care less about this, it's nice to see that people enjoy it.

Final_Rpg2991d ago

does anyone else think that a first person view would be cool?

Tapewurm2982d ago

This game, in my opinion, has been heavily underrated. People need to understand that you get what you put into it. I like the reference to an RPG-like fighter. Your fighter will control 1 to 1, but as your fighter fatigues and gets injured he reacts accordingly. You definitely need to invest some time in the game's gym building your stats to make your fighter a true contender. Just keep your feet in the same place while fighting and everything works fine. I love this really works you out.

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metsgaming2991d ago

i just want a demo to try it out

Ju2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

If you like a real workout I am sure you'll like it. If you are more like a couch potato, well, then not sure if that's for you. You gotta work. And work your character. Transparency certainly will improve the game, especially the close up sequences. Its a great game even without, though. That and table tennis for the legs. Perfect workout combination.

Dark_king2991d ago

I was going to get this game when I went to get my Move,but I heard it needed two Moves and I couldn't find another one.There were two Move bundles there and I was going to just take them both.Until the guy pulled them off and found the bundle in the back missing its Move.So ill have to wait to try it.

hesido2991d ago

Dark King, I read somewhere that this game works with one move, and one sixaxis. It may be awkward, but it should get you through until you invest in a second move.. Please make sure of this before you buy it tho..

clearelite2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

The guy at Gamestop told me it was great and 1:1 as well. A bit contradictory to what some "reviewers" are saying. Now that they're fixing some of the issues, i will definitely consider purchasing this once i have a second Move. Because, i'm assuming you need 2 for this game. Besides, I like Danny Trejo.\\
//Transparency is a must for a game like this, or at least to have it being optional. I hope you can fight people online too. To not include online would be just silly.

blusoops2991d ago

if you can find an opponent. From my understanding, the servers are a bit empty. :(
Will be picking this up soon tho!

Athlon2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Awesome! I'm so getting this. If I buy Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at either Kmart or I get a $20 coupon that I could use on this game. Actually, it's only $39.99. I'll use the coupon on GT5.

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