WorthPlaying: MotionSports: Play for Real Review

WorthPlaying: "As far as sports games go for the Kinect, Kinect Sports is the default choice among consumers. Its use of the Xbox 360 avatars and the familiar, though often used, sports like bowling, boxing and table tennis bring comfort to players who have played Wii Sports, and its easy-to-grasp gestures make it perfect for players to get used to the nuances of the new controller. As good as it is, though, a portion of the audience may be interested in the Kinect but want to try out the technology with other renditions of other sports. For those players, Ubisoft tasked its Milan branch with MotionSports: Play For Real, a sports minigame compilation that is billed as a complementary game to Kinect Sports rather than a direct competitor. For gamers looking to expand their sports minigame library, is this game worth purchasing?"

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