Microsoft Wins First Battle Against Piracy on 360

Microsoft recently implemented a new feature with the Xbox 360 dashboard update that blocks modified "backups" from being played on the console. In most cases these "backups" are pirated software or torrents, but the implementation of AP 2.5 blocks the software from being able to run on the console. The tears of millions of pirates formed a pond of hatred this weekend as they found themselves unable to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Anti - Piracy 2.5 uses a real time firmware check and a real time RAM check to look for data within the modified drive to disable usage of backups. Trying to play a modified backup of any game using A.P. 2.5 is said to flag that particular console as an offender of the Xbox Live Terms Of Use and is punishable by console ban. Last year it was rumored that Microsoft banned nearly a million consoles that had violated the terms of use. Conveniently this happened right before the biggest shopping day of the year.

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wat6342988d ago


Its gonna be a while until hackers find a way around this one.

darkcharizard2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

If I remember correctly, Microsoft lost.

poe2988d ago

Yeah Miscrosft lost this battle a long time ago. But 6 years later good effort. Bravo.

rroded2988d ago

no really cheers i lol at the pirates who go out and buy another box every time ya do this.
Nice to see pirates get burnt especially all those hackers messing the online games up.

so gj ms you should do this on every new release XD

Eamon2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

lol, this article is a flop. If the author did a bit of research (or at least use google) he would find websites like xbox-scene.

The maker of the cfw since 2005 called c4eva has already claimed to have figured out a way to bypass the new security checks like 2 weeks ago. He's currently debugging and running tests on his new unreleased cfw.

This is not the first battle against piracy. It's been a cat and mouse game for almost 5 years now.

Article is lame and is begging for hits. Don't give it any.

DMason2988d ago

1. The only reason that this site knows the specifics about these checks is because they actually pirate games. This website somehow manages to "review" copies of big games before the big websites do, and do not adhere to embargos.

2. This article is a fail. The pirates found a way around this the first day that it was implemented into a game disc. The only way 2.5 can check is if you have the newest dashboard, but if you dont, you can play any game without a hitch, albeit not online.

Lightsaber2987d ago

Hopefully this means they will be doin some mass banning

OneSneakyMofo2987d ago

The main reason they've done this is to ban 1 million consoles so that they can get 1 million console purchases in time for the holiday rush. It's the only way they're going to keep up with Sony now that GT5 is on the horizon.

IaMs122987d ago

I think they mean it was there first win against piracy not the very first battle

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rodeoo2988d ago

its already been cracked by c4eva. As soon as he releases his new custom firmware hackers will be good to go again...until then it is safe to play all your old games without fear of getting banned(just so long as your games pass a abgx scan).

@ rroded
cheaters and pirates are two diff things. I pirate..I don't cheat. You don't need a hacked console to cheat. I dont mind buying a console every year cause i played over 40 different games last year. You do the math

Silver3602988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

so stealing is better than cheating, You are just not paying attention to what you are saying. How would you feel if someone stole your money? Stealing is wrong and according to you you stole over $2,400 worth of product last year.

Moonboots2988d ago

Nothing like N4G providing a forum to discuss 360 piracy.

So you don't cheat you just steal. Awesome man, I'm sure moms is proud.

If you can't afford 40 games then you shouldn't play them. I can't afford a Ferrari but that doesn't mean I can steal one because I might be able to get away with it.

Rush2988d ago Show
Eamon2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Rush is correct. It's proven that piracy/filesharing is not theft.

It is considered as Copyright Infringement.

As in: you are copying material that an owner currently has exclusive legal rights to.

Stealing is to actually take a tangible object for your own benefit without the owner's permission. The key word here is "tangible." Because you can't copy and paste something tangible.

And that is essentially what filesharing is. Copying and pasting files.

However, the morals about whether filesharing of copyrighted material and how it effects/harms copyright holders is another debate.

No Way2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

You're retarded. >.<
Piracy 'is' stealing.

Regardless if you meant to play the game or not.
Regardless if you meant to buy the game or not.
You stole the game, because you did not pay for it.
The developers 'do' lose money, surprise.. *gasps*
Because you did not purchase the game you now 'own.'

And, face it, people that pirate a game 'to try it,'
Almost never actually go and buy the game.
Even if that user does like and intends to keep the game.
So, yes, you're stupid, the developers lose a sale.

Rush2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Read and learn halfwit, Piracy is not stealing thus the term piracy if piracy was stealing it would be called stealing of theft.

FOXDIE2987d ago

More power to you guys :D

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Anon19742988d ago

The videogame industry was built on the hard work and sacrifice of thousands and their families. Anything that stops these parasites from stealing their work is good news in my books. It's hard enough to make a living in games, the last thing the people in the industry need is people who steal and distribute their hard work. Microsoft should just brick the consoles of anyone caught playing pirated code.

Theonik2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

5 years too late i'm afraid. People will just avoid the new dashboard and find a way around it. It's the way this thing works.

Edit: Actually i think they already have found a work-around.

FanboyAttack2987d ago

Did your magic crystal ball tell you so?

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NYC_Gamer2988d ago

but for how long?until some hacker brings out some new firmware

kenlawson2988d ago

It's about damn time. Jump in! The games are free why not?

R2D22988d ago

Get a job like the rest of us and start buying games.

rodeoo2988d ago Show
theEx1Le2988d ago

Then rent it first, dont try to justify commiting a crime cause there ain't no excuse

Theonik2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Renting is no better than Piracy for devs. Just sayin' if you think about it it's probably more widespread than Piracy therefore worse. I see nothing morally wrong in testing a game and buying it if it's good. People probably end up buying more games that way.

*Unless they don't buy it, but then you have to think that these people wouldn't buy it anyway money or no money.

No Way2987d ago

Like I said above, no you will not.. you know it.
I don't know anyone that pirates a game 'to try it.'
And, if they like it, go out and purchase the game.

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