Sly Cooper Collection Teases Sly 4

DamnLag - "Some fortunate individual found a teaser trailer hidden within the recently released Sly Cooper Collection that seems to suggest there will be a Sly 4 on the horizon."

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darthv722986d ago

the sly collection is out now? Damn! I need to go get me one of these.

Oh and as for the trailer...NICE!

SeanRL2986d ago

YES YES YES YES YES! This is awesome! Holy shit I want this now!

Lionhead2986d ago


Now I just need a new Jak and Daxter

This must have been in the works for awhile though, it was teased in the original inFamous even and that was what 2008?

Maybe both games will come out next year >:D

Bobbykotickrulesz2986d ago

So is this in stores now?

How much does it cost?

Are they totally worth it and how does the HD look?

So many questions... AND NO I WONT GOOGLE DAMN YOU

Mizz_mai2985d ago

...At the risk of losing bubble's, i just want to say it's got to be about more than us sony fans mouthing off about how good our game's's about buying them....

i mean am i the only one who's played God of war 3 and believe's it should've sold 19 million copies buy

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velocitygamer2986d ago

Sony is really raping my wallet this gen XD

saint_john_paul_ii2986d ago

i think the raping the wallet part is better.

DigitalRaptor2985d ago

Of course it's better, lol!

All_4_One2986d ago

This looks legit. Do your part, and go buy the Sly Collection to ensure we get Sly 4!

kanetheking2986d ago

the more they can spend on sly 4.

jack_burt0n2985d ago


grab a bargain and do ur part!

visualb2986d ago


come on man...I need to buy some multiplats too.. ='(

looks legit, and looks good =)

saw sly collection playing, it looks great =)

mandf2986d ago

Where are The Sly Collection reviews? I platinumed Sly 1. I'm in episode 5 in the 2nd. All you have to do to get platinum is beat the game. There are fun don't let the cartoony graphics put you off.

2986d ago
FACTUAL evidence2985d ago

Don't play with my emotions!!!! I.....WANT....SLY4!!!!!!! Please, we've seen it once in infamous, and another in sly collection!?!?! It definitely better happen!!

ReservoirDog3162985d ago

Day 1. No matter what.

(Sly collection for Christmas, waiting)

DigitalAnalog2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I was surprised I never heard of this franchise. But why do I feel so ecstatic for a sequel on a franchise I have YET to play?

*pre-orders Sly Collection......

-End statement

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LukeWashingTons2986d ago

They need to just make that game already. I've been waiting 5 freaking years for it now!

Valay2986d ago

I hope it happens! I really like the Sly Cooper games.

52pickup2986d ago

OMG! All we need now is a new Jak & Daxter from Naughty Dog!

JakemanPS319942986d ago

yah i know what u mean, ive never really liked the sly games i was more of a ratchet and jak kinda guy but im excited for the sly fans. cant wait for infamous 2!