Gran Turismo 5: Will you demand perfection?

So, after all this time, after all the delays, after all the fine-tuning GT5 has to be the perfect racer, doesn't it?

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Chuk52987d ago

If this games meta is below 92, it will be a flop. Now intrinsically, 92 is an amazing score. But people have given it too much hype. Pretty declaring it the best game of the year far and away, with out even stating that its their own opinion. It's bar is said way too high for it too meet anyone's expectations. I hope it does very well or the backlash on N4G will be monstrous. Well, even if it does well the backlash will be monstrous.

jizzyjones2987d ago

If it doesn't score higher on meta than Forza3 poor Kaz will be suicidal.

MinskyM2987d ago Show
PirateThom2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I doubt Kaz will actually care about the meta score since, you know, he's a developer.

WaggleLOL2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I doubt GT5 will get anything below a 90 review average.

Sony has gotten better at keeping their games out of the hands of fanboy reviewers looking to just trash another PS3 exclusive.

It's going to be very tough to for anyone to give the game anything but close to near perfect scores from what we know of the features, the graphics, the reactions from people who have played it.

visualb2987d ago

a) the meta will quite possibly be lower than F3 (not by a lot) simply due to the overwhelming expectations everyone will have for the game

b) what minskyM said

c) Kaz won't be suicidal because I'm pretty sure to a professional like himself, the last thing he cares about is a number on a website

what will matter to him is if he's satisfied with his product, and if his fans are satisfied with his product, and that will only be noticeable through user expression

Gue12987d ago

Forza 3 was overrated and that's the main problem.

jizzyjones2987d ago

I was joking, I know Kaz wont even know what metacritic is, he will be too busy working on GT6. I just hope it gets the scores it deserves.

-Alpha2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I really don't think either Gamespot, Eurogamer, or many other sites are as Xbox Fanboys as you think they are, Minsky.

This is exactly the backlash I feel Chuck5 is talking about: either GT5 gets real high scores, or the media is biased.

Just because they review some games the way you don't like them doesn't make them Xbox fanboys. This is always the rationale behind numerous people on here as to why a site is biased or paid off.

Too many people quickly label an overall site as fanboys just because one or two reviews are lower than they want them to be. This is a petty way to play down a reviewer's opinion.

That one reviewer who reviewed R&C was indeed stupid (I believe he was a sports game reviewer for most of the games he reviewed), and Eurogamer is just fine. They've both rated many PS3 games really high, yet all people need is one review they don't agree with it to bash it. They don't have anything to prove to people on N4G, but the people here are so eager to accept sites are biased at the snap of a finger if they don't get reviews the way they want. This is why reviews are so problematic. People don't like reviews, but they always expect games to get the scores they want, and then get upset if it is lower than they want it to be, blaming bias. Ironically they can be just as biased with their expectations.

Edge on the other hand I don't particularly trust or care for.

raztad2987d ago


In Gamespot discharge, they had a change in staff (or at least that was what I read) so the guy of "too much variety" fame is not hurting Sony games at Gamespot anymore.

GS has been pretty reliable since 2009. Come on they gave Demons Souls GOTY.

EDGE is biased as fvk. It has been statistically proven.

Cant say the same about EUROGAMER but I almost never agree with their reviews so I dont care.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I don't think Gamespot is a fanboy site.

About the Ratchet and Clank review, that guy was wrong, and is not working for Gamespot anymore.

The staff is better now.

About IGNorant, Eurogamer, Edge, well, is another story, Gamespot is a lot better than they are.

BrutallyBlunt2987d ago

Why is it those who throw the word fanboy around seem to be the most likely candidates of being one? All one needs to do is look into your comment history portfolio and judge for themselves. I guess me and others responding to you has done exactly what your intentions wanted and that was to give you your 15 seconds of fame.

I predict some reviewers may feel the pressure to score it high out of worrying about the backlash of the vocal 'fanboys' as MinskyM puts it. Then we may have sites like Edge who want to be different from the mainstream and might score it low like an 8. I am expecting high reviews. This game is from a team who knows their strengths.

The game may not reach 10s across the board due to maybe being the same old thing and not feeling finished with some cars having more detail than others and there may be problems with the damage system and weather effects. That may be nitpicky to some but after all of this time expectations are high. Especially coming from a team who expresses perfection time and time again and have said repeatedly they want this game to be perfect.

randomwiz2987d ago

It helps to actually read the review instead of solely looking at scores.

Review scores ALWAYS include the reviewers own bias. 9.7 to someone might be a 9 for someone else. On the other hand, the actual review gives insight on what the games strong and weak points.

Alpha is correct in saying fanboys will call a review biased just by looking at the review score. If you actually read the review, you can call the reviewer a fanboy by the way he writes, not if you agree/disagree with him.

N4WAH2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

100% of the time. I have been gaming for over 30 years and I have yet to play a perfect game. Nothing but another sensationalist headline seeking hits with more nonsense and controversy. Why is it that so many PS3 titles are under the gun before they are even released?

The only sale and opinion I care about is that of one, my own. I am already confident enough to say I am pleased with GT5 and I have to play. Why? I have never been disappointed with any game in the series (yet) and I'm not expecting GT5 to be the first.

Dee_912987d ago

ITS BEEN DELAYED 65 TIMES WEVE BEEN WAITING 20 YEARS AND THIS IS ALL WE GET ? blahh bahh focused too much on simulation ( kotaku)still havent got over that comment lol
only reasonable thing i can see them downplaying it is for the standard not having cockpit view and older cars like 03- 08 and not many 2010 - 2011 cars

other than that i give the game 97.9 out of 100

darthv722987d ago

honestly, i just demand the game. Perfection is way to much to ask for because it implies it could never be improved on.

For all we know, GT6 will be what GT5 should have been. So NO, i do not demand perfection but I do demand the devs do a good job to entertain me. It looks like that will be a solid YES.

acedoh2987d ago

NO.... I just want the same game with the same formula for this generation. That is all I care about. Don't ruin something that was already great. Just make it better. I believe that is what they worked towards and I can only think that is what they accomplished.

Theonik2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I think he should chase the reviewers with a Katana.
On-topic: No i do not. I would be very foolish to expect perfection from any game. No game is perfect and that is the reason we have new games coming out. There is always room for improvement. What i expect is a great experience and by the looks of it i will obtain that experience so i couldn't care less.

Also the waiting argument is still friggin' pointless. There is almost no-one that can claim that he played nothing else while waiting for Gran Turismo 5 since GT4's release so in reality no-one was really waiting solely for the game. In addition to that no-one complained when GT4 also took 4 years since GT3 to come out why should it be any different with GT5? *We had Tourist Trophy in 2006 don't forget so development on GT5 didn't really begin until then.

Steve_02987d ago

I give it a 6.
... out of 5.
Of course, I haven't played it yet. Who knows, that 6/5 might jump to 7/5. :D

DigitalRaptor2987d ago

I think Kaz would be more suicidal if he'd released a product like Forza 3.

mastiffchild2987d ago

Another "does GT5 HAVE to be perfect because of the wait?" article? We've seen these already in sites from EG and GR to no name blogs and the tide's getting worse. Sites moaned about games like Alan Wake and Killzone2 and Too Human being a long time in development(and with less reason too, losing rather than gaining features like GT5 and not while the devs got other games out as PD have during GT5 dev)but NOTHING like GT5 has had recently and the chances of it getting a fair hearing at review seem distant at best even among some usually sane members of the gaming media-all three of them.

OneSneakyMofo2986d ago

The unofficial official list of negative things reviewers will say about this game:

- Took too long develop
- They don't have all the cars I want
- Too many cars
- Not enough cars
- Too many variations of tracks
- Not eough tracks
- The graphics are too real
- The physics are too real
- The driving's hard
- Weather and Day/Night aren't in all tracks
- Weather and Day/night are in the game
- My Chemical Romance is in the intro
- Load screens take forever
- Damage model isn't real enough
- Damage model shouldn't be in game
- Grass is in 2D
- My car I want is not in the game
- Not enough features

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Sunny_D2987d ago

I will not demand perfection. No game is perfect, because no human is perfect. I am just happy for what KY and PD have provided us with. Soooo much content, it's mind boggling. I won't know where to start. I am happy with GT5 in it's entirety.

bumsick2987d ago

did anyone else think of lubrication when they read sunny d's comment?

King_many_layers2987d ago

I completely agree with you, I have the feeling that this is going to be nit-picked to death.
This is going to fall victim to the fact that it's going to get reviewed upon the fact that it's been in development for a long time, not the fact that it's coming out at this time.

I wonder if Rage is going to arrive under such pressure to be perfection. Considering that game also has had an incredibly long development cycle.

Also, GT5 has only officially been delayed ONCE.

ilikestuff2987d ago

it doesnt matter how long the game has been worked on, theres gonna be things that people dont like about it, theyll be small and stupid though, i think its metacritic score will be a 97 to a 95.

BrianB2987d ago

we shall see what the results bring in 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks is gonna be some of the most nail biting in gaming for 2 fanboys.

The fanboys hoping for this game to fail, or to be a critical dissapointment, due to mass hype
And the Fanboys Hoping that this game will be a criticall success, after 5 years of waiting.

walker012987d ago

The way i see it is that im paying the same price for this game as i do with others so i dont see any reason for me to be able to demand perfection. If the game cost more than others (cough Black Ops cough) then i should demand perfection.


DigitalAnalog2987d ago

Regardless of whether you think "XX site is teh biased" or not. You can be rest assured this game is going to get MASSIVE amount of reviews. I just worry that the "no-named" unknown hater site would have a go destroying the average.

-End statement

Mizz_mai2986d ago

It's gonna be just waiting to see how IGN/G4 are going to manage to nitpick to the highest level of analism to find

Rage_S902986d ago

is they stop this gt5 smear campaing

i mean cmon people are trying to bash an unreleased game

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wat6342987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well i have to admit, I am a little jealous.

But, im buying what I can, so NFS:HP, here i come!

@MINSKYM - Been trying to do that, I've got at least 20 cons so far.

raztad2987d ago

Yet you havent played the game, and it looks like you wont.

GT5 is the most feature packed racing game ever and pushes the bar in innumerable ways. It would extremely lame, people judge it for things it doesnt have and forget about all the content it provides.

One other thing is if games are meant to be judged based on the amount of time in development probably AW, DK Forever and Starcraft II should never score more than 5/10. None of those games are packing better value for the money than GT5 and all of them has been (or were) in the making/expected for a lot longer.

Ahasverus2987d ago

I won't tolerate anther 94-esque forza, less than 97meta, it's unjustifiable.

crzyjackbauer2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

after 5+ years in the making you can only demand perfection
or something near it

when i first poped in gt3 on my ps2 i could not belive what i was seeing, just beautiful graphics unlike anyother

i want to have the same experience with gt5
so it better deliver or else

aviator1892987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Just having this game in my library will leave me satisfied. No game will ever be perfect despite long development times.

VersusEM2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Okay, I've made a mistake, appealingly the game has come out Nov.24, This is GREAT NEWS. Can't wait for this game, DAY 1 BUY. Now I've got a question for everyone here, whats the main car you'll be driving in GT5. I'll be driving the Viper(favorite car)

Strange_Evil2987d ago

Umm... The game has an official release date of 24th Nov, have u been living in a cave lately?

Useless rant...

VersusEM2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yeah I know I was wrong, so Stange_Evil, what car will you be driving in GT5.

PirateThom2987d ago

Celica GT-Four 91 and GT-R.

Blaine2987d ago

One car each day--it'll only take me... 3 years?! Nevermind what I said, I'll stick to the higher end cars!

40cal2987d ago

2010 AMG SLS. The demo made me fall in love with this car.

Oner2987d ago

RUF CTR2 (if AWD like previously)
GT-R (r32 through newest)
EVO (most likely 9 & 10 with the 89 Galant VR4 for kicks)
FTO (if AWD like previously)
SuperGT, JGTC & Touring Cars
Bugatti, McLaren F1, Pagani, Ferrari & Lambo's
RX-7 (FD & FC)
Some Audi's (like the S models, RS4, 82 Quattro etc)
Varied BMW's
Varied Honda's (from Civic/Integra to the NSX & Amuse S2000)
Some American cars (Viper, Vette, Buick GNX, old Muscle etc)

That's a good start but the main will probably be the CTR2. There is something about Porsche's that just satisfy the overall need ;P

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