Game Judgment: Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Review

"What seems like many years ago I can remember watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh series and a few from the GX series. From what I can actually recall I enjoyed the series but never pursued the card aspect. Maybe nostalgia was the dominant driving force for my purchase but honestly I’m glad I got the game.

With 5D’s what you see is what you get, there’s you, your opponent, the slightest thread of a story and a whole lot of cards."

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TheSleepyGamer2991d ago

For such a simple game its proven to be quite fun.

Malicious2991d ago

Only the handheld versions are worth playing.

frjoethesecond2991d ago

Dont know who disagreed. Perhaps they could enlighten us as to a good console yu-gi-oh game.

Capt-FuzzyPants2991d ago

Duelist of the Roses on PS2. I still play that when Im bored with some friends But i didnt disagree though.

frjoethesecond2991d ago

Oh, ok. I didn't like that one but I didn't play it till long after it came out so that's probably why.

pat_11_52991d ago

I've never been a fan of yu gi oh. I dot really know why, I think I just have never really understood it.

Capt-FuzzyPants2991d ago

I like 2 D's the best. DD 32

frjoethesecond2991d ago

I dunno. I'll take 5d's over 2dd's. I guess it's cos I'm a freak.