Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Gameplay - first 14 minutes

This video contains the first 14 minutes of EA/Criterion Games' Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It shows the first race you participate in, as well as the following two cop-missions.

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Pandemic2985d ago

Same, for the Playstation 3. :D

fossilfern2985d ago

this and GT5 have left me skint :(

Nitrowolf22987d ago

buying it
to bad i will be only playing it for one week (unless a GT5 demo hits psn)

Quagmire2986d ago

I could care less for GT5, tbh. I have a PS3, but id rather have an arcade racer than a sim when its much cheaper to drive my ferrari in real life. :P

Nitrowolf22986d ago

I wasn't trying to diss the game, just that for me i will be spedning more time on GT5 then this. I love NFS series with their arcade style gameplay and i love the fact that Critera is behind this one. i'm a big GT fan also and will prob end up putting this in the case for a while.

Lionhead2985d ago

Picking this up for my 360 on launch and GT5 on launch as well.

Busy few weeks for me :D

OmarsAccount2985d ago

I'm honestly going to buy this over GT5 for now. I might GT5 in the long run, but Critereon's racers are amazing. I like arcade racers over sims, so that's the big reason. Im not that into sims, but since GT5 is looks fantastic, I'll be picking that up eventually too.

Redempteur2985d ago

sae here i'm more than an arcade racer than "simulation"

BUT GT5 will be the exception .

GT5 will be bought because it's a game like no other ( and there won't be another soon ) but NFS is more my style

Viatrophy2986d ago

If there is anything in particular you guys would like to see before the game launches on Tuesday, let me know somehow and I'll try get it captured and up on Youtube!

stonecold32986d ago

games gt5 and need 4 speed both are going to keep me busy for quite some time with my games

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The story is too old to be commented.