Konami Explains Why No More Heroes HD is PS3 Only in West

Speaking in an interview with GameSugar, Konami’s Tak Fuji has revealed new details about the HD port of Goichi Suda-san’s No More Heroes, while also clarifying why the HD remake is now a PS3 exclusive outside of its home country. Though the infamous Wii remastering was released on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Japan in April of this year, only a motion controlled version will make the jump out of Nippon in 2011 for Sony’s Move device. Konami’s Tak Fuji explains why a Kinect version isn’t happening. At least not yet:

By having the PlayStation Move controller, it’s much easier to keep the interaction true to the original, so going to the PS3 was a pretty natural choice. We have, and are still, tossing around ideas for linking NMH with the Kinect for Xbox 360 gamers, but since the Kinect is such a unique device, it’s a bit more difficult.

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DigitalAnalog2994d ago

Tell me about it. Just imagine how hard it was to fight the bosses with using an ACTUAL controller.

-End statement

Ravage272993d ago

Kinect is absolutely useless for core games, and NMH is hardly a game that appeals to soccer moms

RageAgainstTheMShine2993d ago

If Konami can make Dance Masters for Kinetic why can they make NMH on it?

Army_of_Darkness2993d ago

If infinity ward can make call of duty games, why can't they make an RPG dammmit!!??

The Wood2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )


but in reality it just cant be done as Kinect isnt precise enough and it kinda proves its not even as precise as the wii controller at worst or just lacks functionality at best.

The Wood2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

im talking about kinect...whas to disagree about really?

Any wii game made by a 3rd party dev can in theory be ported or remade on the psM.

Moonboots2993d ago

Because your can't be done and isn't precise enough is kinda well you know bullshit..

This very article says it would take more time but nothing here says it is impossible.

Active Reload2994d ago

I think people disagreed with you because you're not Tak Fuji and your opinion would have been WAY better if he had the same sentiments. Just my thoughts though...

vhero2993d ago

Fanboys will disagree even when it makes sense. Just because its negative to something made by MS.

Bigpappy2993d ago

He never said anything about kinect not being precise. The truth is Wii and Move have a lot in common.

N4g_null2993d ago

Seriously it can be done on the kinect. If you have played no more heros you would understand that the finishing moves where large movements. The attacks can be mimic like the wii mote with these same ideas. The analog can actually be used to orient the sword. The problem with your only kinect idea is all xboxs come with a pad so why not use it? Would you use the move with out a eye? Nope...

I mean im just saying the same type of close mindedness is the reason why PS3 doesn't get better 3rd party stuff. No one wants to think creatively.

DigitalRaptor2993d ago

Hybrid Kinect games are far off, and the level of thought and effort required to go into it, is not worth it.

Move is similar and simple enough to implement for a PS3 release.

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VersusEM2994d ago

I surprising can't wait for this game, I guess I've always wanted it. Now, Alan Wake, come to the PS3(Please)

Active Reload2994d ago

It seems you have high hopes for a AW PS3 release. I'll not let you suffer any longer. That game appearing on that console just won't happen. Not unless Remedy is aquired by some giant 3rd party publishing company. The same situation with Bioware and EA would have to happen.

BDSE2993d ago

Microsoft own the Alan Wake IP, you're more likely to see bacon at a bar mitzvah than seeing Alan Wake on the PS3. It's a shame as it's quite a good game.

rekof2994d ago Show
GigaGaia2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

The game can be played with a normal controller anyway. No need for move when the good old DS3 actually does the job.

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The story is too old to be commented.