Hell Descent: Whatever Happened To Dino Crisis?

Hell Descent: Hello and welcome everyone, to the second installment of “Whatever Happened To”. Tonight’s feature is the little brother, or sister, of Resident Evil; Dino Crisis. But some of you are probably thinking “Why Hell Descent, Dino Crisis had a sequel, two in fact.” That it did, and that’ll be explained. Hit the jump for the full look at why Dino Crisis, as a series, should come back with a big bang.

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DigitalAnalog2901d ago


It's seems CAPCOM enjoys killing Shinji Mikami's work.

As for a sequel. Forget it, after what Jun did for Resident Evil 5, I ain't having none of his bullsh*t.

-End statement

Rhezin2900d ago

I agree. Whatever happened to Onimusha as well Capcom!?