Gamestop Customer Killed After Walking In On Robbery

CONYERS, GA -- A Stone Mountain man is dead after he walked right into the middle of an armed robbery at a game store in Conyers Thursday morning. Adrian Snow, age 40, was shot when the robbers tried to tie him up, according to police...

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Silentmerc3nary2986d ago

Also, a third robber was caught hiding in the sewer this morning.

ComboBreaker2986d ago

Don't shop at GameStop anymore. Never know. The next time you walk into a GameStop store may be your last.

FishCake9T42985d ago

R.I.P To the man who was killed but in a situation like this just comply with the robbers. What more valuable, your money or your life?

HolyOrangeCows2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

My money.


maruyuki2985d ago

i bet they knew the guy

doesnt really make sense why he would be resisting when they probably wouldn't do anything to him

just seems kinda weird that they let him in, its even stranger that they shot to kill.

im just betting that the people are somehow connected

Seferoth752985d ago

It wasnt about his money but his pride. He may have went for the gun and the one guy just fired. They probably were not planning on killing anyone and sadly his fighting back may have forced the issue. The shot him in the hand and shoulder, I'd hardly call that "shooting to kill".

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FFXNo12985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Talk about killer prices j/k

Comply with the bastards and let the police take care of the rest. This isn't call of duty

Quagmire2985d ago

Unfortunatlely, gamers have that mentality that if they can PWN TEH NOOBZ online, they can kickass IRL.

acedoh2984d ago

but a Gamestop in Roseville a man locked himself inside and started the mall on fire.

The problem Gamestops have is they are in so many strip malls that a criminal can get in and out fast. They have so much valuable inventory that it's a feast to a crook.

Zydake2985d ago

hmm ever since Black Ops was released GameStop isn't the place to be. And wtf with so much merchandise in GameStop you'd figure they have a security guard in every store.

andron2985d ago

I was in a Game store here in Norway today, and they sold some sweets at the till? Not really gaming related either, thought that was weird...

crzyjackbauer2985d ago

Gamestop is always in some [email protected] neighborhood
i always got to EB games there's always one inside a nice mall

JLeVRT2985d ago

National rob Gamestop month? This is like the 3rd GS robbery since last week or so.. damn. R.I.P to that guy though.

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big_silky2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

the gamestop i used to work at was robbed a few weeks ago.

no disrespect to the dead fella but unless you yourself are carrying a piece, do what the guys with guns tell you to do.

turok2985d ago

ur sheep. if u live in america no fucking wonder this country is in the state that it is with gutless people such as urself.

Megaton2985d ago

Take it easy there, Rambo. Risking your life over a few bucks isn't a measurement of beefy manliness as much as it is a measurement of stupidity.

All_4_One2985d ago

What? You can`t be serious.

There is nothing sheepish about ensuring your own safety.

04soldier2985d ago

This is not a movie/videogame!!
Be a hero.. They have guns.. You have flesh..After they shot the man they took off leaving the merchandise and money...

They had no intention of killing anyone.

I rather be a live coward than a dead hero.

Man...the geniuses that frequent N4G

rjdofu2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Life is not a videogame kid... In that situation, I think u will piss yourself.

Malicious2985d ago

If they had no intention of killing anyone then they wouldn't have bullets in the gun to begin with.

Motorola2985d ago

gutless people? You dont respawn in real life dude

Figboy2985d ago

if i was in that situation, i'd have complied with the robbers.

why? because i have a wife to get home to, and no amount of money in my wallet is worth the possibility that i may not see her again, and vice versa.

if anything, BECAUSE i live in America, i have to be incredibly careful of how i conduct my daily business. my cousin was shot and killed walking to his car, because some assholes at a club decided to drive by and start shooting.

a brother of a childhood friend was shot and killed when he heard a noise downstairs in his apartment complex, and opened the door to check.

my sister's neighbor was killed by HIS OWN COUSIN over a stupid argument. he was 18 years old.

there's no telling how this situation would have played itself out, but there's also no denying that my home country is out of fucking control, and people need to learn some restraint.

the current economic climate is driving people to insane extremes these days. my number one priority is to insure me and my wife's safety.

i can't imagine what drove the victim to resist the men with weapons, but it wasn't bravery. giving up your life for, like someone said, a few dollars, isn't a show of manhood. i'd wager ANYTHING that his family, if he had one, would much rather have their father for Christmas than whatever game he was planning on buying at that store.

my condolences to the victim's family. i know what it's like multiple times over to lose someone to senseless violence.

truehunter2985d ago

I agree with Figboy. Wife an kids, how would they feel if there father fight an die just to protect a gamestore ..... i would rather fight n protect my family over this stuff. Not only that i also have a heart problem too.

Kewl_Kat2985d ago

lmao turok, you're unbelievable! you need to calm down ,keyboard warrior. You're going to argue and resist against someone pointing a gun at you? Now that's just plain stupid. Not even heroic and gutsy at all. It's not like you're going to save people's lives. In fact, you might actually make the situation worse for yourself and everybody else! What would you have done in that situation? Would you have tried to disarm the robber? You know there's more than one of them, right? So now you've disarmed one guy, what about the other robbers holding a gun as well? What could have been a quick and quiet robbery would turn into a tragic shootout.

turok2985d ago

I apologize but wut i have to say actually hit the limit of how much can be said in one comment. therefore i will pm every one of u who responded to me. sorry for the inconvenience so please check ur pm box u will see my response each of u.

QuantumSponge2985d ago

A man talking big on the internet. Never seen that before.

writersblock2985d ago

Glory is of no use to the dead
Neither is money

Urameshi2984d ago

I can't believe how ignorant some people are. So no one realizes that being tied up and taken to an "out of sight" location often ends in death? Where did all this talk of fighting over a matter of "a few dollars" come from? I don't think at all that this guy was "trying to play hero," I think that he was resisting because he thought if they tied him up then they would kill him afterward, which is actually a strong possibility. Saying that these guys had no intention of killing is just ridiculous; you don't know what they are thinking. The guy did what he needed to do, which may have been his best chance at surviving; you never know in such situations. It was even mentioned that the store clerk's life may have been saved, obviously indicating that there was a good chance that the thieves were intending to kill in the end anyway.

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Skynetone2985d ago

robbed 18 times in a year

how many times do i have to be a hero to be cool turok

let me guess your some sort of special forces bullet dodging ninja

im just glad they where caught, and sad to see someone lose there life in this way

turok2984d ago

ninjas dont exist, stop watching naruto or cartoons with ninjas.

just a punk who been at the wrong place at the wrong time one too many times with more than enough experience dealing with these sort of people.

writersblock2984d ago

People robbing in your moms basement or what?

CaptainAmerica2984d ago

Ninjas do exist, your real smart arent ya?

turok2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

real ninjas are impossible to find as the whole of being a ninja is to be stealthy and lethal, mostly stealthy.

Video of an actual ninja or they dont exist so good luck presenting me a real ninja as ninjas are supposed to not be able to be found.

and no i am not smart, i am an idiot. u however... well ill end it there. ran out of bubbles and i really dont feel like rippin on a fool.

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Figboy2985d ago

at a GamePlay game store here in Los Angeles was robbed one night at gunpoint.

fortunately, no one was hurt, and just a few consoles were taken. they just locked them up in the back, and took off with a few consoles and some cash.

he told me the security tape was hilarious, though, because the robbers were ducking and rolling around on the floor trying to be covert. lol.

that situation could have gone horribly wrong, but thankfully my buddy (who was closing manager at the time) lived to see another day. i imagine that if he had resisted, he more than likely would have been killed.

i'm a gamer for life, but i'm certainly not going to die over them. lol.

turok2984d ago

ur friend is very lucky, life favored him.

awiseman2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

why do gamestops keep getting robbered? They must have been after the money from the blk ops launch...

Megaton2985d ago

How the tables have turned. Usually it's the GameStop employees that do all the robbing.

Anorexorcist2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Old habits die hard! You can take the person out of the Gamestop, but you can't take the Gamestop outta the person.

JK, I keed I keed.

FFXNo12985d ago

Bubbles for you my friend, that was hilarious

FunAndGun2984d ago

LOL at Mega and Anorex

Bubs for the chuckles.

OhReginald2985d ago

How did he die from a shot to the shoulder and to the hand? Did he bleed to death? Im surprised by this.

2985d ago
kaveti66162985d ago

When a bullet penetrates human flesh, it has a tendency to ricochet off of bone and change trajectory. He could have been shot in the shoulder but the bullet could have ended up somewhere very vital.

X2985d ago

If you get stuck in a artery, a large amount of blood loss can occur and you'll die due to blood loss.

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