Top Ten Warfare Games

The theme of war has always been a part of gaming. These games revolved around the times of WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Desert Storm and so forth. And some of these war themes have been overwhelmingly recycled over to the point where gamers just get tired of it. But despite this, there have been some fantastic games that were developed and based on these themes. So here's the list of the best warfare games.

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MK_Red4159d ago

Not a bad list but Vietcong and Rise of Nations don't belong there IMO.

OutpostCommand4159d ago

MOH ?! 2nd place !?

What a farce - the MOH games (bar the first 2, on PS1) were rubbish. The 2 first levels of Frontline were decent, and the first level of Rising Sun was alright, but every single level or other MOH games sucked harder than a vaccum cleaner.