Wii to 'Continue to Struggle,' Move 'Likely Cannibalized Software' in October, says Pachter

2010 has not been a stellar year for the games industry (at least in retail terms), and while many are hoping that Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move will help reinvigorate sales for the holiday period, it doesn't look like that's the case for October. In fact, Sony's motion controller likely led to a decrease in software sales, said Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter.

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darkcharizard2897d ago

I'm sure you'll eat your words when Wii outsells PS360 this holiday!

Pennywise2897d ago

But it will still be a wii, so it loses.

kaveti66162897d ago

Monster Hunter

Nope. The Wii has great games.

ZombieAssassin2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

name me 3 good new nintendo IP's started this gen then i'll say it has great games

the sad truth is nintendo has been living off mario/zeldo for the past 20 years

duplissi2897d ago


yeah it has great games, but not enough to warrant purchase.

Stealth20k2897d ago

And who does have three new ips this gen? honestly

galaxy 1,2 are the 2 highest rated games of the gen.

last story

new ips fyi take back what you said

kerrak2897d ago

Valkyria Chronicles
Little Big Planet
White Knight Chronicles

Gears of War
Left For Dead

Dead Space
Rock Band
Dragon's Age

Some more multis:
Assassin's Creed

I know i'm forgetting some more.

ZombieAssassin2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Galaxy 1/2 are Mario games (the worst ones ever IMO).

Xenoblade is pretty much part of the Xeno Series.

I'll give you The Last Story even though it's not out yet.

So...not 3 new IP's take back what you said...

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arragionthegreat2897d ago

I think darkcharizard was more hatting on Pachter than anything else,..

but yes It could be,.. but but Wii sales are falling fast,..

MeatPopsicle2897d ago

Sony is predicting 15 million for their current fiscal year.

Nintendo is predicting 18 million. But Wii sales have been falling quite rapidly while the PS3 has been rising. The PS3 is already outselling the Wii 2 to 1 in Japan.

I would assume the Wii will still outsell the PS3 this holiday, but that will most likely be the last time it ever does.

Zachmo1822897d ago

Well yea thats probably true most people own a wii.... I mean look at it this way wii's have sold as much as the PS3 and 360 combined.

MAJ0R2897d ago

Monster Hunter, yes

Metroid, Zelda, and Mario remakes... no

FFXNo12897d ago

That IP was created for the ps2 (before Wii)

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donniebaseball2897d ago

I think the Wii will have a solid holiday, but its time is drawing to a close. Nintendo needs a new console real soon.

Pillville2897d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone already has a Wii. I think that's the main reason sales are down.

This isn't like sales of candy bars, where if you like it, you buy more and more.

I seriously can't think of anyone in my family (young and old) that doesn't already have a Wii.

MeatPopsicle2897d ago

"I'm pretty sure everyone already has a Wii. I think that's the main reason sales are down."

I wouldn't say that.

The PS2 has sold over 150 million worldwide while the Wii is only around 70 something.

If the PS2 can sell some 70-80 million more consoles than the Wii, the market isn't saturated.

CharlesDCI2897d ago

But a PS2 is still better than a Wii. Stop comparing them like they are the same.

Nugan2897d ago

Except that the PS2 sold those 150 million units over a much longer period of time than it took the Wii to sell ~75 million, making it much more likely that a lot of those sales were to people who had once owned a PS2 that they sold/broke/lost/etc. who bought the system a second (or third) time. The Wii has a failure rate of around 1% or 2%, meaning that very few gamers have been forced to purchase replacements.

The PS2 also has sold a lot of consoles at a lower price than the Wii currently has at retail, meaning that it was the perfect system who parents on a budget to buy their kids instead of one of the more expensive systems.

So the Wii market may very well be (temporarily) saturated, at least until systems need to be replaced or a price drop makes it available to a new audience.

MeatPopsicle2897d ago

"The Wii has a failure rate of around 1% or 2%, meaning that very few gamers have been forced to purchase replacements. "

Just like the PS2.

And every other console ever made other than the PS3.

Except that, no, the Wii, PS2, PS3, or any other non-Xbox 360 console, doesn't have anything remotely close to a 1 or 2 percent failure rate. That would mean that 1 out of every 100 console dies.

The Wii, PS2, PS3, and every other non-Xbox 360 console have failure rates in the sub .1 percent range just like every other normal consumer electronics device.

MeatPopsicle2897d ago

"And every other console ever made other than the PS3."

And every other console ever made other than the 360.

bananlol2897d ago

The reason the wii is fareing better than the other consoles is because it generates less heat. The consoles this gen is never going to be as robust as prevoius gens because their chips arent soldered with a lead-tenn alloy. The only reason the ps3 is doing so great reability wise is because sony really knows their hardware. The 360 on the other had is made really cheeply, if you have the skill just open one and have a look, it doesnt really scream quality. Or better yeat just google a picture. This is the reason for the whole rrod fiasco. But quality isnt really needed, only robust soldering. I mean the space shuttles use technology from the 80s ffs!

Point being, all current gen consoles will have huge falure rates faar sooner than the previous ones. Hell a fiend of mines nes still lives and yet his 360 died today. WFT is up with that?

Nugan2897d ago

MP, the failure rate for consoles is difficult to determine, because manufacturers don't exactly want the information to be public.

I was basing my claim on studies, like this one:

The PS3's failure rate is higher than the Wii's, but lower than the 360's, which makes sense, considering the hardware involved.

I'm getting a lot of conflicting info online about the PS2's failure rate, but it looks like, at launch, it was higher than the Wii's.

But all of this was really just a subpoint. My main point stands: you can't talk about market saturation unless you take into account that the Wii and PS2 have sold at different speeds and different price points.

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CaptainMarvelQ82897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

almost every one has a ps2 but that didn't stop it from reaching 100+ mil sales
EDIT: MeatPopsicle beat me to it

Simco8762897d ago

Pachter, the ass end of the industry

emil12897d ago

i'm so glad that wii-a console with few games worth mentioning, sales are falling down:

83 wii games scored 80 or higher on metacritic.
175 ps3 games scored 80 or higher on metacritic.
214 x360 games scored 80 or higher on metacritic.

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