Today's games use 20-30% of Kinect‎

Blitz Games claims to be getting nearly twice as much out of Kinect as everyone else. Those games you see on the shelves today - they're using barely a third of what the new device can do.

"A lot of the games you're seeing are using 20 to 30 per cent of what Kinect's capable of," Blitz Games' Steve Stopps remarked to Eurogamer. "What we're doing is using probably 50 to 60 per cent."

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nickjkl2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

could be idk

all i know is todays games use about 30 percent of what the ps3 can do

non exclusives of course

dosgrtr2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

comparing a peripheral to a console,u ok?

nickjkl2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

no im comparing power to power

todays games use 2 to 30 percent of kinect

and todays games probably se 20 to 30 percent of ps3

meaning tat if its true that kinect games fo use 20 to 30 percent to day it could be a huge leap

come on people use your heads

Motion2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Yeah, this doesn't make sense. Its a peripheral, they took out the processors...there is nothing for it "to do/process" other than accept input. It's like saying current games have only used my keyboard, mouse or gamepad to 30% of their potential. You aren't going to all of a sudden see a game come out that makes my mouse dpi higher, my keyboard type faster etc.

you can't compare power to power, because kinect isn't a computational device, merely an input one. The "power" still comes from the 360.

m232988d ago

What does Kinect have to do with ps3?

hikayu2988d ago

more like :
what does a peripheral have to do with power ?
as far as what it is , kinect is a controller . it process input from its cameras and mics , translate that into 3D mapping and leave the rest of the processing to the 360 . it doesnt do anything beyond that and the processing unit inside kinect is not a flexible CPU where you can change compressing code or anything .
how do you get a controller to be better ?
the statement should be : "developers still dont know how to implement kinect into real games"

soundslike2988d ago

skip to the part where we can turn our head left and right and control the view point in fps

we know you got it so where is it.

tick tock...

Close_Second2988d ago

...I mean really. If you turn your head to look to the left then who will move the TV to follow your point of view. What happens if you want to look behind you!?!

Honestly, Kinect does not feature any processing muscle that can take the load off the 360. If they want more out of Kinect then they need to start to innovate with the software.

Blacktric2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

"What happens if you want to look behind you"

You turn your head a little bit (around 30-45 degrees maybe) and crosshair gets the edge of the screen and turns the character. Just like Wii FPS games. Would it be easy to use? I don't think so. Would it work? WiiMote works and there are tons of FPS games made for it so why not?

Edit: But it would be nice to see that its done you know. And who knows maybe a developer finds a great and easier way to use it so people start having a different experience with Kinect. That way, some hardcore gamers would like to try Kinect too. Now I like Kinect, but what Microsoft is doing wrong (in my opinion) is giving it a 150 dollars price tag. That's all. If they drop its price a bit, I'm sure more people will buy it.

Close_Second2988d ago

...could it be done yes. Would it be practical...not really at all. However, I look forward to someone trying to play and FPS like that.

Just like I look forward to Forza 4 using Kinect over a controller. Can be done...but shouldn't.

Motion2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

That would actually work terribly. It "may" be able to follow your head a little, but most of your tracking is done with your eyes, which Kinect will not be able to track. Seriously, even if it could precisely track your head, sit there for a minute and move your head around like your nose is the crosshair while staring straight ahead at a specific point (the tv)...No really, try it, I'll wait.

Now tell me how you feel after even 5 minutes of that.

soundslike2988d ago

hey its a gimmick I never said it would be the greatest thing ever. I mentioned FPS but I guess I would be more excited to use it in a racing game as mentioned below

Motion2988d ago

Don't they have a racing game for it? You get to steer left and right while the car drives on cruise control.

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Moentjers2988d ago

It will be possible in GT5 with the EyeToy (source: PSM3).

testerg352988d ago

Yeah.. don't think it would work. Turn your head for split second and not see the screen fully then bam.. shot.

Moonboots2987d ago

What about the head tracking in GT5? I guess it's a lie or it's a broken mess and doesn't work and is a total waste of time according to you lot?


hoops2988d ago

Haters will hate regardless.
If Kinect ran Metro 2033 and looked like the PC version on maximum detail and running 60fps, you would have people on this site saying:

"Too bad it sucks because it can't do 120fps and in 3D"

The games out now for Kinect are casual shovel-ware, however the hardware has huge potential. It will be up to developers to make this happen.
Now saying all this on N4G.COM will get me bubbled down and disagrees because I did not bash Kinect right off

Close_Second2988d ago

...if the 360 an do that and use Kinect and maintain that sort of framerate then I'l be blown away.

You have to keep in mind that the 360, like the PS3, has limited resources. The more you push into AI and fancy visuals the less there is for other things. Thats why I'm guessing that simultaneous multiplayer games will most likely be party type games and not something like split screen FPS co-op.

Active Reload2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You obviously missed that person's point. That person is saying that naysayers are a wasted attempt at trying to be proven something. You'll never be able to convince someone of anything if they have their mind set on the exact opposite of what you're trying to explain to them. And its a two way street...

hoops2988d ago

You got my point 100%
Dead on dude

Motion2988d ago

You do understand that kinect is just an input device right?

"If Kinect ran Metro 2033 and looked like the PC version on maximum detail and running 60fps"

Kinect won't make any game run/look better. Its like saying "Oh boy, I just bought a fancy new gamepad, i hope all my games start running at 60fps now."

hoops2988d ago

I am getting the feeling only one person understood my post....

My post was to simply imply that no matter what Kinect will or can or cannot do, haters will hate on it regardless and try and convince other people how to spend their money and not to buy it.
I used an over example to explain my meaning on how this entire Kinect hate debate is laughable.

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