Modern Combat: Domination Storming the Front in Early 2011 (PSNStores)

Eric writes: "Of the three games that I saw today at Gameloft, Modern Combat: Domination impressed me the most. Perhaps it was my low expectation for the game, given that the series has its roots as an iPhone app."

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scar202925d ago

Gonna keep my eye on this game.

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IMChampion2925d ago

Might check this out. If its like CS as the author says then I might not enjoy it. I hate CS, both of them.

Shackdaddy8362925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

LOVE CS. Still play it even today as well as the Day of Defeat mod that came with it. I cant wait till Valve makes the next one(heard it was in development from a magazine).

Anyways, this game looks really awesome. Not something I would pay 50 bucks for, but probably about 20-35.

TheBand1t2925d ago

Well if it's like CS I'll probably like it.

big_silky2925d ago

wow, another online shoot....zzzzzz

2925d ago
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