Get Hulu Plus on your PS3 Today

As we promised you last week, Hulu Plus is now available to all PlayStation 3 users in the United States via the PlayStation Network. Now, in addition to free access to a variety of content already available on the PlayStation Network, we’re giving you even more options to the entertainment content you want!

A subscription to Hulu Plus will cost $9.99 per month, giving you access to full seasons of current hit TV shows from more than 100 leading content providers, including ABC, NBC and FOX, and movies from many of the most well-known studios in the U.S.

How does this change from what was already available? Well, you no longer need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to gain access and you don’t have to wait for an invitation from Hulu either. Beginning today, Hulu Plus is open to all PlayStation Network members in the U.S.

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YourFlyness2951d ago

Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, Web Browser thats capable of streaming. Who needs cable now a days?

garypaytonglove2951d ago

My thoughts exactly. But I would be SOL when it comes to sports.

YourFlyness2951d ago

hmmmm, as would I.

I wonder if I can stream ESPN Go through the PS3 browser, go to try it

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2951d ago

Oh can I please pay to watch your commercials please oh please oh please. pfft!

Zachmo1822951d ago

Hulu plus isn't worth it though. 10 bucks a month and doesn't have all the stuff the regular website has. But since the PS3 has a browser you can just go to some other websites to watch it.

lol if you have a laptop hook that shit up to there tv and there you go.

8-bit2951d ago

Yeah Netflix is so much better than Hulu plus. Also Hulu costs 10 BUCKS a month and limits the content. Hulu's PC web site is free and offers far more content than their paid service. its kind of a joke. I canceled Hulu and kept netflix.

tdogg060519912951d ago

I see every show when it comes on TV and my favorite this year is No Ordinary Family

sick1nyne2951d ago

For sports go to

I haven't tried it on the PS3 yet.

Dark_king2951d ago

I agree with Zachmo182 its just not worth the money I was extremely disappointed by it.I thought since you pay you would have excess to everything on the site but man was I wrong.Was not one thing on it that I wanted to watch.

Godmars2902951d ago

Cable networks have to be seeing the changing media landscape. Providers who aren't the same as the Networks. Between Hulu and Netflix they're being circumvented and they can't like that.

duplissi2951d ago

why do you think they blocked googletv and in the past have attempted to block boxee?

Godmars2902951d ago

And what about Hulu blocking the PS3 once it started playing it well enough. The issues that the browser itself has just doing its job. Part of the reason its in the state that its in might have something to do with it GoogleTV.

But I'm talking about the direct issues Netflix and Hulu are running into with content partners. Movie studios who want to give then stuff sooner, cable networks who have some problems, and middlemen cable providers. DirectTv Comcast and the like who are really up sh*t creek the more popular Hulu and Netflix become.

They've been limiting access to older shows and episodes even on PC. Doesn't excuse them from doing what they're doing now on consoles and cell phones, but that's the model they eventually intend on moving to, even on PC.

BXbomber2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Why Would I pay when I can see all the shows I want from hulu from my pc which is free. Seriously why pay to see it from the ps3 when u can see it free from pc from the same damn site.

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