Xbox 360 with HD-DVD + Wireless = More Expensive Than PS3? (confirmed)

Recent rumors stated that the XBox 360 with its upcoming HD-DVD add-on component were to place the system at an astronomical $900. Microsoft quashed that rumor by stating that the HD-DVD add-on would only be $200. However, considering a $400 unit plus HD-DVD plus wireless comes to a whopping $700. This is $100 more than the $600 PS3 with Blu-Ray and built-in wireless. In addition, the PS3 will have 60 gb instead of the 360's 20 gb.

Nevertheless, if HD-DVD does win the next generation HD format battle, then Microsoft may be in a great position. Moreover, one key difference between the two systems is that the 360's add-on components are optional meaning that the consumer can ultimately make the decision as to what components are necessary for his or her entertainment.

RealDoubleJ6408d ago

...or at least until M$ think about making HD-DVD games (when Sony finally uses the extra sectors on the Blu-Ray disk) then i don't see this "add-on" necessary until i see a clear winner in the format war. Which, by the looks of consumers, is going to be (old-)DVD. Not until more consumers are schooled in HDTV's, the High-Def Generation won't be taking off anytime soon.

D R Fz6408d ago

the ps3 is not out yet. When the ps3 does come out, the world will recieve that necessary push into the next-gen of entertainment/gaming and save at the same time. A $500 next-gen player and a $100 state of the art gaming console is what the ps3 iS. And guess what, free wireless added in. All these aspects are not only standard but this deal is what will give us the edge into the next-gen because everyone is given an equal opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the next-gen. People will now have more reason to buy hdtvs which should not only benefit companies but everyone as well because prices of hdtvs will drop as more advancements are made. Why continue to make games on regular dvds when we are talking about how to get beyond the last generation. Therefore it is my conclusion that consoles fall in two categories, the best of the last-gen or the beginning of a new generation. I mean, can somebody please tell me something that the 360 can do that both the ps3 and wii can't do. Now if i were to tell you things that the wii and ps3 can do that the 360 cannot do, the list would be extensive. And even better, you are saving with the ps3 because it can do everything the other conosoles can do. And once again free wireless. Make the choice for yourself, for the benefit of the now and the betterment future. Ps3 is the way to go.

joemutt6408d ago

They add in all the extras, yeah it would be that much if you add everything you possibly could.

I paid $338 on e-bay for my 360,

I don't need wi-fi, I SAVE $100!!!

I dont need HD-DVD, I SAVE $200!!!

Wow thats alot of savings!!! $300!!!

Maybe when I get into HD, I will upgrade, but for now I will spend my money on games.


Silent6407d ago

As you can see wireless communication is better. Would you want to talk to your friends on a cell phone with a wire connected between yas?

clayton6408d ago

He must be a sony fanboy, getting all excited because the 360 with the add-on will be more expensive than the PS3. He still doesn't get the point about choice. Blu-Ray isn't going to win the HD war. So when you can't get Blu-Ray movies 1-2 years from now you will be feeling really stupid. And I on the other hand will be enjoying a stand alone HD-DVD player.

MONOLITHICIDE6408d ago (Edited 6408d ago )

yea and your a 360 fanboy, look at you going to the asumption that blueray will fail and HD DVD will prevail you dont know that jack ass. Yea you dont have to buy the HDDvD but if you do it costs extra, more extra then our expensive $600 ps3, ps3 comes with hd gaming and hd movie playing and wifi built in ready out of the box, so shut up blu ray will win know doubt, oh wait but then youll reply how dso you know that, just because i said to you, but you what, blu ray is gonna win the format war


clayton6408d ago

He can add too, finally a sony fanboy with some brains. LOL XBLA rocks baby!!!

GamerX26408d ago

If you want a hd-dvd $200 buy it or Buy later when more movies are available or not at all!!"risk free" Just like the wireless adapter (I use a hard line connection myself) but if I don't want to buy them I don't have to buy them .Can sony fans say that????