XBOX 360 Dominates PS3, Wii in Most Requested Top 10

XBOX 360 completely dominated the Top 10 most requested titles for the week. Both Wii and PS3 didn't even come close.

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toughNAME5756d ago

Gamefly is.. being paid off by MS!

lol...who am i?

stunt2135755d ago

u no what i dont get if a game is available to pc and 360 they call it 360 exclusive wtf? bioshock its not 360 exclusive to all u xbots because i can also play it on my pc. im suprise that lair is doing better than warhawk even though lair sucks ass.

dantesparda5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

Isnt this sweet, a fanboy get together. All you fanboys are getting a hard-on over this, eh? You's feel better now? now go out and get some pu$$y please. So you's can all get off these games and video game systems nuts! Later ladies, Im off to do my Saturday (and it doesnt involve sitting around playing video games all day). Peace out "fannies"!

Oh and p.s. Bioshock isnt that great, check my gamertag, you'll see that i've almost beaten it, so i know what im talking about. Oh and my 3rd 360 replacement keeps freezing up and giving me disc read errors. So, so much for your heatsink solution. 4th 360, here i come, LOL! Isnt their service oh so great! Thank you MS, for giving a system that im going to have to replace for a 4th time. What's that? 2 or more month of being without my system, which i paid more for than any other system i've ever bought. Thank you Micro, thank you. Oh and btw, Vista sucks major a$$, i like XP way better than that slow a$$, blotted, unefficient, OS.

@ jmoneezie
What's the matter, that got to you? you loser! and i must not have that many good Saturdays because i mentioned it!? Ha! you make me laugh, you A$$-umer. But what else would i expect from a stupid fanboy like yourself. And sleep with my PS3!? hm, thats funny, cuz i dont have a PS3 and dont really care for one. So there you go again with you're stupid-a$$ assumptions. But what else is to be expected from an "a$$-umer". But if you were so smart then you'd realize that assuming can make you look stupid. And i dont hate MS. I like XP, and i like the PC much more than the overpriced MAC or its OS. And i bought both the Xbox and Xbox 360 on day one and have never bought any Sony system in my life. So yeah, your right, i hate MS and love my PS3 (that i dont even have) because you said so, and i dont like Vista (which im using right now) and im not in love with my 360 like you obviously are and think that Bioshock is this ultra spectacular game (btw, beat it). But guess what, smart guy, I have to deal with Vista like it or not, cuz i fix computers so i have to learn all the idiosyncrasies of Vista in order to know how to fix it and i bought Bioshock cuz everybody was talking about how great it is. So buzz off fanboy and go fvck your 360 you b!chy fvck. Now go do what you do (which is probably just play 360) and stop sweating me. Im sure you have better things to do than response to me right?

And p.s. i'll continue to post whatever the fvck i want on this site. Kapeesh.

jmoneezie5755d ago

Okay, either your are a retard or you really enjoy self punishment. Either way, I can care less. But here is some advice since I enjoy helping those that can't help themselves.

If you were so socially connected, and were not as attached to gaming and this site as you claim you are (going to do your Saturday) then you probably wouldn't have left such a pathetic comment before you left for your great Saturday. The fact that you mentioned that shows that it doesn't happen that often.

Secondly, you sound like a Microsoft hater and addict all at the same time. MS Sucks, Bioshock isn't all that, my 3rd 360, blah, blah, blah, whaaa, whaaa, whaa. Here's a thought, gather up all of your MS made or sponsored stuff and F*kin' sell it. Don't bother with your MS laced PC, get a MAC or Linux, Sell your 360 and all your games, stop paying the 50 per year for XBL. Place your PS3 in bed with you (or at least a controller) and Hump it all night long and even take it out with you on your TERRIFFIC SATURDAYS. Then finally we won't have to hear your bias anti-Microsoft Whiny SH!t anymore.

Why keep dealing with something that is causing you sooooo much misery. You're not a moron or anything are you, so do what common sense tells you to do. GET RID OF THE PROBLEM ITEMS!

Oh, one more thing, when you finally do get rid of this stuff, don't bother to come back and tell us, cause honestly, we don't give a SH!T!


Evil0Angel5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

frustrated, desperate PS3 owner..not a normal PS3 or proud PS3 owner but the minority who are narrow minded and belong to the category called FANBOY.
e.g (Nasim=laryy=Mohib all the same person )

i love people who say this game is also availabe in PC and i can also play it in my PC so it is not xbox exculsive....blah blah
-)you cannot play it in anyother console
-)PC/360 microsoft platforms so better call it MS EXCULSIVE
-)they do not have PC and want to play that game Badly
-) the minority who has PC, to run bioshock as good as the 360 it will coast em 5 times more than 360 and still there is framerate drops.their is other issues which PC owners faced 360 owners did not like limit 2 instlation and the widescreen monitor problem.

dantesparda5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

WTF are you talking about, "5 times more powerful"? my roommate has a Athlon64 (single-core) 2.2GHz CPU, oc'ed to 2.7GHz (still less than the 360's so-called 3-core 3.2GHz CPU), and a 7800GT. And can run almost all the games the 360 has better than the 360, and with better anti-aliasing (and you now that roughen things up more, right?). An he got this system a while before the 360 came out. So what are you talking about? You obviously do not know computers and are just probably parroting what you've already heard on the oh-so reliable internet

@ evil
Its "cost" not "coast", Coast means a completely different thing. And you're right i miss read that to mean that it would take a PC 5 times more powerful. And the quote of you wasnt a verbatim quote. And its "immediate", not "imidate" (wtf does that even mean?). And please dont talk sh!t to me, i need help? your the one who thinks the PC has to be 5 times more expensive to match the 360. You need help and obviously do not know what you are talking about

Evil0Angel5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

read carefully
[email protected] hell i said "coast 5 times more" and you quoted me as " 5 times more powerful" and started [email protected] about something i didn't say but you made up ??
dude you got issues and need to seek imidate help

AngryTypingGuy5755d ago

@stunt213 - I believe they mean console exclusive. Bioshock is a 360 console exclusive. It's on the 360, but no other console. On the retail box, it says that it's only on xbox 360 and Games for Windows. Just to clear it up.

ALMIGHTYPS35755d ago

xbox360 dominated in requests?????????OMG!!What a f**n retard!This twatmouth is really grabbin at straws.How low can you go?VERY LOW apparently.You fanbots are represented well,LOL

lawman11085755d ago

I just bought a new 60 gb ps3 plus 3 blue-ray dvds and another 5 when I get the units upc by signing up for their credit card (visa) I saved another $30 dollars so I got the 60 gb unit, 8 blue ray dvds for $269 shipped. How can I post this where other will see it?

jmoneezie5755d ago

Your last comment to me was so interesting I decided to go back and see how you have commented on this site in the past. I figured it would really be interesting. Here are my findings:

First off, half the stuff you say are bolsterous, arrogant, and are comments that would get your A$$ kicked on the streets. But, since we are in wonderland, I guess you already know you save here, so relax and read.

Second, on 20 Aug, you made the following comment "1.9 -
And how bout your much hype Bioshock? all its got is graphics, otherwise its just a suped-up Condemned, with a "Alice" like world. And i dont like things based on the 50's/40's. Ok game, but nowhere near what they made it out to be. Injecting yourself with sh!t to get magical like powers? wacky! The whole premise of the game is whacked"

Then in your comment above you say, you have almost beaten Bioshock and to check your gamertag for proof. If the premise of the game is whacked as you put it (By the way, you should have said whack without the ed.) Why the hell did you go out and buy it. (along with the 360, and vista, etc.) Let me guess, you rented it right? Either way, you are one confused dude. (Liar also)

Now, I'm an IT person also (funny huh) I also fix computer systems and computer networks. I am an MSCE with my design in security. (I'm sure you know what that is) But enough about me, anyway, you sound like a help desk person (You know, level 1 tech support) I have several guys like you working for the guy that works for me, but, If they had the attitude and mouth that you have, they would be just like you, at home having a "Great Saturday" talking SH!T and calling people names on N4G because they are unemployed and miserable.

All you do on this site is bash 360 fanboys (as you put it) and complain about M$ (kinda pitiful). But, that's cool, that's what your life have boiled down to, oh and an occassional "Great Saturday"

Anyway, continue your bashing. Based on your profile and how many ignores you have, you seem to be pretty good at it. Kinda sucks for you though, you say you don't own a PS3 yet you somewhat praise it, which is cool because it is a damn fine machine. Then you say you own a 360 and all you do is talk bad about it...can you say "BI-POLAR"

Anyway enough, I have already spent more time on you than you deserve. Please resume your miserable life.

dantesparda5755d ago

Im not even going to address you remake directly but rather say this;

Blah, blah, blah, yeah its all me and you're perfect, blah, blah blah, Sony sucks!, blah, blah, 360 gives me orgasms, blah blah. If i put down the 360 or 360 fanboys or some of its games then i must be some Sony fanboy right? Cuz thats the only possiblity right, smart guy? And when i do it, im fvcked up for it right? i must be crazy right? or deranged or something right? But when you (or you's) do it, (about Sony or its fanboys) its alright..., right? I see how it is and how this site is. Its just like politics. Their is no such thing as right or wrong anymore, or good or bad, its all either all "left" or all "right", MS or Sony, 360 or PS3, just your side (all the meanwhile the Wii, is kicking both their a$$) but i guess that now i must be some Wii fanboy right?

But how bout this for a answer, maybe i am really a PC guy, and like to see games on the 360 and PS3 and Wii and the PC and like to compare them and am not easily impressed. And am really enthusiastic about seeing these games, but usually end up unimpressed when i do see them. And think that a game may be alright (like Halo or Bioshock [mediocre]) but not that great, like everybody else thinks it is. And maybe after hearing a hundred peope talk about how great it is, finally get aggravated of hearing it and say "ITS NOT THAT GREAT!, its just alright" and then get hated for it buy the lovers. And then dont like to see the 360 fanboys always antagonizing the PS3 fanboys, i know that got the short-end of the stick, but dont rub it in. And i know that both sides start sh!t with each other. But the PS3 fanboys just usually make these dumb-a$$ remarks that you can tell where made by some little kid. But the 360 fanboys to me are far more asinining and dispicable in their remarks. And i dont like it, cuz im part of that side, and i dont like they way they are representing my side. But im just wasting my time writing this sh!t and you's aint gonna get it anyway and continue to think the stupid sh!t you's believe, (like, "if he's putting down the 360 or MS or one of its games, then he must be a PS3 fanboy"). Cuz you'd have to a be a Sony fanboy to not think its that great right? cuz that's the only possibility, right?

Anyway, this off topic and im getting tired (3:44 in the morning), so im done. Hate on hater!

reaperxciv5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

this site has lost it's credibility because of fanboys like you, GAME on!

BTW, Nintendo rules!

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Bloodmask5756d ago

beats all other consoles in games selection. That is a given. After all isn't all about the games in the end??

jmoneezie5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

Hey man, I like your style. I like how you gave credit where it was due and then stated your thoughts and opinion. An objective post, just the way it should be. Kudos to you.

If only others on this site could do the same. Lets bring back quality comments, keeping it real and not just making harsh fanboy comments for the hell of it.

Maddens Raiders5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

is this a joke!? ...........ummmm nevermind rhetorical question.

-- "According to GD, the top four were all Xbox 360 titles. First was Bioshock, followed by John Woo Presents Stranglehold at number two, Blue Dragon took the third spot and Medal of Honor: Airborne was fourth.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption broke the Microsoft streak, with the Wii shooter hitting the five spot. Back to 360 for 6-8, with Two Worlds, Madden NFL 08, and Halo 3 respectively.

Alas, the bottom two belonged to PS3. Lair came in at nine and Warhawk was number ten. Still, having seven out of the top ten is certainly nothing to sneeze at. You can't win 'em all, as they say. Besides, it wouldn't be fun without any competition." --

...uhhh don't they mean it wouldn't be fun w/o any competition from your own console and the old RRody monster?

Oh, nevermind it's from ya know that online MEGA STORE where EVERYBODY goes to get their games. I mean that's where I *always get my games. Because everybody knows that if you can't get your games from, you're not going to find them Who writes this crap Peter "Madden" Moore and J. Allard while in bed together?

Umm yeah, guys w/e you say - lol Most requested here baby! Two Worlds (trash) MOH (old trash) and freaking Blue Dragon (woohoo) and Stranglehold? 8D

Of course *WARHAWK is last - how fitting. Look guys I care about your put down the pipes and step away from the Crack, X-files. o_0 - Buah- hahaha

Baba19065755d ago

who cares if warhawk is last. it still is a very good game and a lot of fun. believe it or not its up to u.

SuperSaiyan45755d ago

The Xbox 360 is the best games console on the market and does everything and more.

Rama262855754d ago (Edited 5754d ago )

Yeah, the Xbox 360 does everything and more. It can play HD movies - oh wait you have to buy something extra for that! It can have wireless controllers - oh wait you have to buy them separately! It can have rechargeable batteries - oh wait you have to buy them separately! It can play games online - oh wait you have to pay extra for that! It can connect wirelessly to your router - oh wait you have to buy something extra for that! You can store stuff on your hard drive - oh wait you have to buy that extra! It can break - oh wait you DON'T have to pay extra for that! Yep, does everything I want AND MORE!!

RINGOFDEATH5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

Wow for the week horay !!! After Halo 3 comes out microsoft will get smoked,and keep on sending back your 360's for repair's opp's their not fixing it their giving you someone else's fixed up 360 not yours only to get the Red Ring of Death again....PS3 titles be coming soon like Heavenly Sword,Haze,Unreal Tournament 3 and Home will put the nail in the coffin....