Confirmed: CoD Black Ops has problems with PS3 and PC

Thanks to the recent analysis of Call of Duty Black Ops between PS3 and Xbox 360, it has been concluded that the PS3 version of Black Ops has serious perfomance issues causing the game to freeze and drops its frame and among other things, thanks to the graphic engine implemented in the game by Treyarch.


Update: A developer that worked in Black Ops is explaining the difference between versions and even acknowledging the proposal of MLAA in BLACK OPS.

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Shanks2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I think I get it now. Treyarch put their main focus on the 360 version and used most of their resources on it while the PS3 and PC versions are just lame, rushed ports.

Dear Treyarch, you have zero talent.

MegaMohsi2926d ago

yet the PC is still the best looking and playing one, go figure.

ct032926d ago

LOL @ Disagrees.

Yeah, you folks are right. Black Ops looks much better on the 360. It also plays much better, game controller precision and all.

thompsontwenty2926d ago

This is ridiculous!

I have been reading this site for a while now, but now I need to comment.

There is NO DOUBT that if this article had said that the 360 version was inferior, ALL PS3 fanboys would be throwing comments about how rubbish the xbox is! Yet when it is the PS3 which is inferior it is Treyarch's fault?!

The Xbox has always been the best of the two when it comes to multiplatform. Most of the time anyway.

But how come the double standards are so blatent?! Why is it that when the Xbox's version is better it's the devs fault, but when the PS3 version is better it's because the Xbox can't compete?!

Biggest2926d ago

Because it's been proven that the PS3 can do MUCH better. I have the PS3 version of Black Ops. It looks worse than Modern Warfare 2. It seriously looks terrible in comparison to recent games. If Black Ops can't look as good as Modern Warfare 2, wouldn't it be a developer problem? Don't forget that before IW had it's internal troubles people were calling Treyarch the bastard child of Call of Duty. Removing IW doesn't make Treyarch any better. They still suck compared to similar developers.

thompsontwenty2926d ago

You make a fair point. But, you have to admit that if this was an article about the xbox having a worse version, there would be massive comments about how bad the xbox is.

There is no doubt that the PS3 can do some real powerful things, I never denied that. But all I'm asking is how there are such heavy double standards here?

hoops2926d ago

Welcome to N4G.COM

Never and I mean NEVER say ANYTHING to slight the PS3 or Sony on this site in ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM regardless if it's true or not. Truth is irrelevant.
Once you know this and conform to this, your surfing pleasure on N4G.COM will go much smoother.

Biggest2926d ago

If it were a new developer with a new franchise it would make more sense. In this case I don't see a reason to use the "omg fanboys are crazy!" card because this just shouldn't happen. First of all, no one expected much from Black Ops in the way of graphics or performance. I personally expected more of the same. They gave less than they did with World at War. Most gamers that visit this site know that the 360 is the lowest denominator in HD gaming (smaller storage, less hard drive space). It's also the easiest and most cost efficient platform to develop for. Only true 360 fanboys will ever expect more from the 360 than what they have already. PS3 fanboys still expect more from in house developers, and for some strange reason multiplatform developers. I don't expect Treyarch (always been a marginal developer in comparison to the better teams) to work any GG magic. But I did expect them to equal their previous average offering. If Halo: Reach was less of a game than Halo 3, people would have said "Bungie mailed it in" and they would have been right. You don't get worse as time goes on. You either progress or stagnate. It's technology, not body weight.

LedZeppelin2925d ago

love how everyone forgets this site was pro 360 back when ps3 was not doing so well but now when ps3 gets amazing exclusives and sells well and the tides turn, then its a big deal if its the oppositions turn to shine.

WhittO2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The reason why when there is a crap running ps3 game and the developer gets the blame is because the PS3 has shown what it can do time and again (Uncharted 2/God Of War 3/Killzone 2/3 for example).
These are the best looking games available on consoles and there is no game on 360 that can match the tech/graphical level of these games, lets be real, there are great looking 360 games but there is only 1 or 2 that can compare to todays ps3 exclusives.

So when a 360 game runs good and the same game runs bad on ps3, even though it has shown it can produce FAR greater visuals, there is only 1 place to look for the difference in quality - the developers.

The PS3 may be hard to develop for, but this is not their first gen game release for it and have had YEARS to improve on their engine etc.

- Also, after playing Black Ops for about 30 min, I can't believe how bad it looks, the res of the textures are SO low! My netbook could run better visuals than what they have running on PS3. They have just dumped all processing work on the GPU and have obviously ignored the rest of the additional ps3 power (like extra SPU's etc).

Biggest2925d ago

I'm playing it off and on right now with my PS3. It's flat out UGLY. Someone messed up when they let the Infinity Ward guys get loose. Treyarch is extremely underwhelming.

FrankenLife2925d ago

There is no way that second video is really from a rig with an i7 and 2 gtx 480s. That is what I have in my rig and my experience is plenty smooth. Some people are having troubles, but it isn't everyone.

HolyOrangeCows2925d ago

"thanks to the graphic engine implemented in the game by Treyarch"

Ummm...isn't it the same engine from before? What, did they open up the coding and crap all over it?

InTheKnow2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago ) usual. No need to panic ps3 people, just go buy a 360 if you want the best gaming experience this gen. It's not Treyarch vault the cell is incapable of running 60 fps. I think Treyarch as well as Infinity ward did there best to try and match up the inferior cell to the very versatile 360.

If it makes you feel better, the 360 version isn't that great either. It seems to be two different games mixed into one. Some levels look awesome while others look like an Xbox 1 game. I'm guessing that a couple of levels as well as most of the Multi-player came from Infinity Ward people...tho I doubt Treyarch will admit it.

gamesmaster2925d ago

This article confuses me, i have the 360 version (since i dont own a console, my flatmate has a 360). I've been playing the campaign for a good few hours and i can name numerous times the game has frozen and the framerate dropped to less than 3fps. This problem is is across the board 360, ps3, pc. cant say much for the other problems.

the gameplay itself is fun but technically this game is a mess...

maxcer2925d ago

@ thompsontwenty

welcome to n4g. lazy developers, review sites/developers being paid off by MS and boycotts of games that made the jump to mulitplatform.

Dee_912925d ago

it was a rushed game ..
and im not even talking about the graphics
the combat and teamwork in singleplayer is bad
the guys who are on your team does nothing on one mission and the next they do everything .. they even just run through the enemies like they arent there.. enemies keeps respawning if you dont run through the mission.. its just a mess.
i would expect this type of stuff from a demo not the retail version.
they just wanted to get this out before christmas for the money
thats why I respect devs like media modecule and PD they will not release a game until its done

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coolstuff2926d ago

PS3 owners should boycott this game and all other games where the PS3 has the inferior version. Otherwise devs will keep on rushing PS3 ports. Treyarch should be embarassed.

Game-ur2926d ago

Was it like this with MW2?

PirateThom2926d ago

MW2 was pretty much on par with the 360 version. Hell, even World at War was the same across platforms.

Treyarch messed up.

JD_Shadow2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Because GT5, inFamous, GoW3, Uncharted 2, many multiplatform games that aren't inferior and are actually superior at times, Killzone 2/3, MoH, MGS4, and anything on Move...none of that really EXISTS on the PS3, does it?

Seriously, THINK about what you say before you say it (assuming you weren't just being sarcastic, which, if that was the case...)!

visualb2925d ago


debubble and ignore

REALgamer2925d ago

Let's say PS3 gamers boycott Activision's Game A in massive franchise B due to issues with the PS3 version.

PS3 GAMERS' VIEW: sending a message to Activision to get it properly optimised for PS3.

ACTIVISION'S VIEW: hey, PS3 sales of Game A are down but 360 sales are still high, I guess we should focus development of the next game in Franchise B on the 360 since we must have more customers on it.

X-Frame2925d ago

@REALgamer .. you're scenario makes no sense. If it's clear to the gaming world that PS3 owners are boycotting crappy PS3 ports, then those producers will obviously be aware of that and consider the boycott as the reason.

They wouldn't be so naive as to simply claim that the 360 just sold a lot better for no other reason than it was on the 360.

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Parapraxis2926d ago

I'll get it for PS3, and I'll enjoy it.

thematrix12982925d ago

I bought it on release for PS3. I think this game sucks ball compare to MW2 technically. Remove the hackers, tubers, commando perk then MW2 kicks this game's ass.

raztad2926d ago

That is a list of issues. Looks like this game is in beta stage. Could have used a very nice beta testing phase.

fossilfern2926d ago

That frame rate issue happend to me on MW2 on PC from day one and it never got sorted glad i got it on PS3 at least

visualb2926d ago

if a developer can't produce equal results across the board, or even better

equal results / PC superiority, then the developer is to blame

anyone who blames the hardware is a ******* ********


TheLastGuardian2925d ago

I've been playing the PS3 version and haven't had any problems. It's so much fun.

helrazor3432925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

haven't seen anything to complain about either, and am having a blast with this game as well. Funny thing was, I was going to skip this game, and get NFS: Hot Pursuit, but I'm gonna end up skipping that instead, bought Black Ops, and finished off paying my pre-order for GT5. The shooter that I am really mostly looking forward to, Deus EX: Human Revolution (I don't need that many as they are mostly the same, just sayin').

Pacman3212925d ago

I also honestly have not had any problems.
I think the integrated party system is much better than the one on MW2 where it uses the xmb, as i can join any one of my friends party without actually going onto the xmb and accepting an invite.

hakis862925d ago

that the invite system is brilliant, but my PS3 has frozen a few times =(

TooTall192925d ago

I've experienced the temp freezes, but my ps3 has snapped out of it every time. Multiplayer is GOOD and I'm a much bigger fan of KZ than CoD. You can't deny that the splitscreen multiplayer isn't good. People who are boycotting are missing out. At least do what I did and rent it to see for yourself.

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shoddy2925d ago

they try so hard to crunch it in one dvd.

they have to make the game to support the lowest commen denominater.

madara0sama2925d ago

The only reason the PS3 version runs badder than the xbox is because developers are lazy ass that eats Microsoft's dick. This current game generation is truly low from game dlc being announced before the game itself is released to lame ports such as black ops. Greed

TreMillz2925d ago

Crysis 2? putting $60 on true effort next time....

divideby02925d ago

^ I refused to buy either version of this game, I call the madden of shooters. I will just keep playing MW.. there aint that much of a diff

georgeenoob2925d ago

Sorry, but these ports are starting to be a trend.

I can go on and name so many games that look like shit on PS3 compared to 360. Pathetic.

Power of the cell, right?

United4Life2925d ago

There always has to be some problems with One Version or the Other. Tryarch make huge claims and fail epicly at each of them.

The Campaign has good story , and that"s just about it.Every single set piece is generally taken from MW and MW2 or WAW.

If they really just worked that much on the multiplayer , don"t even bother releasing it with a single player.Just multiplayer only.Sheeps will still buy the game.

Rant over.

hakis862925d ago

from ym other post:
My PS3 almost froze sometimes yesterday when the host had a bad connection - as we were going into a new game/exiting a finished match..

How about actually spending some time using the Hardware of the PS3 better - can it be patched or is it too late?
So annoying to see the PS3 version being gimped compared to the 360's... lower res, unsable framerates, more blurry textures...more aliasing?

This is where I'll put down Black Ops and enjoy Killzone 3 in glorious detail at 720p when it releases in february!

MyNameIsNotRick2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If they had a 5+ year devopment time. COD games don't have that luxury. Fact- the ps3 is harder to develop for. Developers on a tight schedule will have a harder time with the ps3 which makes it likely that that version won't be as good as xbox for multipats.

VINNIEPAZ2925d ago

"@ Biggest
You make a fair point. But, you have to admit that if this was an article about the xbox having a worse version, there would be massive comments about how bad the xbox is.

There is no doubt that the PS3 can do some real powerful things, I never denied that. But all I'm asking is how there are such heavy double standards here?"

And you got 50 Disagrees. Point proven lol

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dtrain212926d ago

360 the superior version

CharlesDCI2926d ago

I wouldn't know because I don't plan on playing either version honestly.

theEx1Le2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

A superior multiplat on the xbox 360, well i've never heard that before :S /s

all joking aside I got the 360 version on saturday and swapped it for the ps3 on sunday due to my friends mostly having ps3, n really I have to say the difference is very noticable and thats especially in the MP section.

Death24942926d ago

did you see the resolution?
The reason most games are running at a lower resolution is because of the gpu was made by ati/amd. Nvidia cards always show their superiority when you start to crank up the resolution. So enjoy you're sub-HD games (Halo:reach is also sub-HD). Meanwhile, I'll be playing FULL HD games on my "so-called" inferior ps3.
Gran Turismo 1920x1080

hakis862925d ago

has 960 x 640-pixels,,, jesus, man!

Odin7772925d ago

I don't doubt that. Luckily I couldn't give two shits about Call of Duty. I'll save my money for Killzone 3.

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CaliGamer2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I like how they say "it has been concluded that the PS3 version of Black Ops has serious perfomance issues causing the game to freeze and drops its frame and among other things, thanks to the graphic engine implemented in the game by Treyarch."

Like there is some Elder Council of Game Nerds that came to this conclusion. I have this game, I have had a good time but sadly this will probably be the last COD I will buy this generation.

The last one I had was MW2, yearly releases of a franchise are too much. On a related topic, I have not experienced any of these issues yet, tho, I did just get it yesterday so maybe I need to spend more time with it.

EDIT: Damn, on closer inspection it was really bad lag on this video. I wonder if it could be his connection speed? This hasn't happened to me, but the video doesn't look doctored. Maybe they will release a patch or something.

Tru_Ray2926d ago

I beat the campaign already and I did not experience any major issues. It froze up on me during my first session, but it wasn't a big deal. I can't comment on whether the 360 version is superior because I played it on the PS3. I preferred the campaign for this game over MW2.

CaliGamer2926d ago

The campaign seems more engaging than MW2. On a side not, the zombie mode is kinda strange. I can't seem to get past wave 8 online with others. Those hell hounds are killer. lol.

Nariko-20112926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Wrong post

VenGencE9992926d ago

I don't know about the 360 version, but the ps3 version does have issues. as soon as you load it up there is an update. wtf? didn't the game JUST release?
I thought the guy was being a blowhard when he said it would best to play on the 360, but now I'm thinking he was very serious. and there is no way I'm buying this game twice...

PS3ROCKS2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I was playing wager on 360 and I had really bad frame rate, making it unplayable.

OhReginald2926d ago

this confirms that M$ sabotaged the ps3 and PC versions. Fuking rat bastards. I wasn't planning on the pick up black ops anyways, not really a fan of CoD. But to those that are fans of this franchise and only have a ps3 I feel for you guys. M$ is scum.

Truth2925d ago

Trying not to feed into the "conspiracy theory", but Microsoft themselves said that the best CoD experience is on XBOX 360. And then we get two sh!t a$$ ports on the PC and PS3. Makes you wonder a little bit. Just saying ;)

maxcer2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

lol, get your tin foil hats here!

i swear you ps3fanboys are the dumbest bunch of them all. and the agrees you get prove it.