Quick Chat With Google TV’s Lead Dev About The Network Blockade, Apps, And Google TV Hitting The PS3

Matt Burns of CrunchGear writes:
"In my mind, Google TV is about the most interesting product idea in recent gadget history. It’s poised, ready, not to disrupt the TV industry, but rather provide consumers true on-demand options with no extra work on the networks’ part. There’s nothing particularly novel about Google TV, but the whole concept is wrapped up as such a nice package that’s it’s hard not to like it — that is, if you can look past the first generation jitters. The platform isn’t particularly ready for general consumption just yet as it seems it fell victim Google’s “release early, release often” mantra. But it’s only going to get better with each release."

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showtimefolks2926d ago

sony ain't playing around by the time this gen is all set and done ps3 will be your all in one device it's already not

saint_john_paul_ii2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

im hoping that Google TV can be supported by every Cable/Satilite company across the world. instead of the OS' that come shipped in with every cable/satilite box, its google TV taking its place instead.

from there, google tv should start real interactions with tv shows/game shows, that would be amazing.

just imagine the PS3 fully replacing the cable/satilite box in your home because of google tv working thru your cable/satilite provider. sure, theres torne and play tv, but google tv would absolutely kill.

Godmars2902926d ago

A single home-run if it comes in the form of an add-on box that's cheaper than a standalone since people will have to choose to get get.

A bases full home-run if its a software app. Gets dropped into homes that already have PS3s and turns the console into the flagship platform.

Dark_king2926d ago

I expect both actually.Will have to get a add-on box to use with cable.The rest however we don't need a box for and it shouldn't be required to have one.

Godmars2902926d ago

If they could actually do both, even if there's a tier between add-on hardware and software, and they can get a good chunk of the networks on board.

Omega Zues2926d ago

The Networks blocking every thing. Nothing seems to piss me off more then that. Heaven forbid for you to watch some half decent show on your tv through the use of the internet. Despite you still see Ads, its still not enough for the networks.

I know Boxee Box just came out yesterday and its received high praise but I wonder just how long before every network out there blocks it too.

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