New Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns

Nintendo has revealed today that a new member of the Kong family will be present in the latest entry to the Donkey Kong series as Super Kong is being introduced in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Screenshots of Super Kong have not been revealed yet, but they will most likely come in the next few weeks as the game releases in a few weeks on November 21,2010. While some may be excited by this announcement of a new Kong to play with, after the diversity of choices in Donkey Kong 64, they may be upset by the role this Kong will play.

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RaymondM4004d ago

Donkey Kong Coutry was one of those games that I wished for more sequels and it looks like im getting that wish soon!

omicron0094004d ago

Super Kong...seems like a Kong they should have come up with ages ago.

Murgatroyd74004d ago

I'm not too fond of the new Kong, but I still can't wait for this game. Nintendo has me really excited for a lot of their releases.