zoks3104976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

David "Vahn" Vonderhaar wrote on the CoD forums;
"What many of these people want is to be Internet nerd famous. I'm not going to make them famous and you shouldn't either. Internet hysteria from normal people is exactly what they want and that's how many people reacted today. You gave them exactly what they want."

What? Really?! "we gave them what they wanted"??????
OMG fail Treyarch, dont try and blame people for what you guys lack, we did not give them what they wanted, rather you did, you and your devs released a broken hack bait feast and guess what? the sharks came and devoured it.

Red_Orange_Juice4976d ago

Come on you buy CoD and complain, it almost has the sticker on the cover saying "multiplayer experience may change due to glitches and hacks".

PS360PCROCKS4976d ago

orange cows you made my day. lmao sarcasm at it's best! I was wondering what the fuck that guy was doing

bviperz4976d ago

"This is the most overpowered thing in the game, because it doesn't even adhere to the laws of gravity."


dgroundwater4976d ago

Hohohoho! Oh dear that whole video is golden.

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Baka-akaB4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

seriously you have very little leeway to complain ...

The previous cod game was buggy and glitched to death .. you knew it .

There was no open beta for the new one , nor much way to try it beforehands .. you rush in to purchase a game that will never be sold out and played all year long .

The smart thing would have been , if worried about that crap , to wait and see how the game performs with glitchers , hackers and what not .

frostypants4976d ago

So, glitchers AREN'T douche bags?

Sorry, this Treyarch guy is 100% correct. The truth hurts.

Heartnet4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

Haha im-12-years-old :P couldnt agree more :)
Treyarch didnt release what u say a "Broken hack bait feast" if people played the game normally they wouldnt have discovered as many glitches lol

and you really are over reacting i bet ur one of those people that cant play without those glitches and your furious at treyarch for calling YOU a douche bag :)

DirtyLary4976d ago

same ole buggy engine. How many more games do we get with this?

xAlmostPro4976d ago

now lets hope they fix the servers for PS3 because its laggy as hell :( i dunno if you 360 guys are having the same issue, but as it stands every game is stuttering with lag and the server even crumbled a little bit earlier and sent out tonnes of errors :/.. the party system is horrid, if the host backs out the only option is to "leave lobby without leader" and a bunch of other things..

i think they maybe under-estimated how many people would be playing on ps3 or something like that because its pretty damn bad :(

im not gonna hate on them though because mistakes happen as do glitches and bugs and its the 1st day but i do hope what he's saying here is true and they hurry up about it

huzzaahh4976d ago

I've experienced minimal lag on the PS3.

At least we can actually play our version. A bunch of my friends have the PC version and they say that the lag is so bad that the game is unplayable.

jonnyp7774976d ago

...seems very sluggish and not very smooth a lot of the time. Not on par with MW2 in those departments online. Hopefully it can be fixed. It's not PSN, 'cause all the other CoDs run fine online. Hmm?

TukkerIntensity4976d ago

I played for 3 or 4 hours last night without any lag (maybe 1 or 2 matches had lag - which will happen in p2p games)on the PS3

xAlmostPro4976d ago

it wasnt bad early on in the day or late at night but at its peak it was pretty damn bad, dont worry guys im not hating on ps3(i think thats why i got disagrees) but yeah it was bad for a good few hours.. havent been back on today though, hopefully its died down and was just abit of an overload

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NoOoB1014976d ago

hahah "floating apple is the new one man army" hahahahaha

vhero4976d ago

So they say they are gonna do something about it?? Didn't Activision same the EXACT same thing about MW2??

Marceles4975d ago

LMAO OrangeCows...that video sums up every game's harsh reviews just to find a reason to hate a game.

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VenomProject4976d ago

"Internet hysteria from normal people is exactly what they want and that's how many people reacted today. You gave them exactly what they want."

Translation: "Next time this happens, be quiet about it so that we don't look like idiots."

darksied4976d ago

I know, right? It's almost genius, blame the people showing and reporting glitches, not the idiot devs who didn't fix them/don't want to acknowledge them. What a douche-bag.

Incipio4976d ago

Well done VenomProject.

May I borrow your bullshit translator so I may truly understand other industry tools?

Akagi4976d ago

"Internet nerd famous". Wow. A lot of these "nerds" are hardcore fans. Way to isolate them.

marichuu4976d ago

I doubt hardcore fans would exploit and glitch the game on purpose just to complain like that.

The more hardcore fans are probably the ones he said were constructive in their posts.

dragon824976d ago

I actually have to agree with him. The only reason these douche bags do stupid stuff like this is for internet fame. Pretty sad if you ask me.

visualb4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

is because the game is broken enough to allow that...

a good game always counters hackers, be it through moderation, or a solid engine.

this game doesn't have that