Call of Duty studio head steps down following sexual harassment revelations

Treyarch’s Dan Bunting had worked on the FPS series for 18 years.
Treyarch co-studio head has left the company following an investigation into reports that he sexually harassed a female employee.

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Jin_Sakai60d ago

Is this happening in literally every company? I feel like I hear a new story on it every week.

Magog59d ago

These guys need to stop trying to have sex with their fellow employees and hit a club for once in their lives.

LordoftheCritics59d ago

No please don't hit the clubs. Some of us actually go there to dance and party.

Just Tinder that.

dbcoops59d ago

Then the woman in the club would be the ones making the accusations instead.

Software_Lover58d ago

It’s only harassment if she doesn’t like you.

Other than that, I agree with you.

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porkChop59d ago

It's all part of the Activision Blizzard investigation.

GoodGuy0959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

We are in the age of cancelling. Anyone thats had some kinda harassment or even an ounce worth of being offended is speaking up now even if it happened 20 years ago.

LoveSpuds58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

And what are these assertions based on exactly?

Perhaps the guy is a predator? How would you feel if your wife, sister, daughter or mother came home from work and told you she was facing sexual harassment? Would you be so quick to dismiss their claims?

People in these positions are not quiting or getting fired based of wooly, baseless accusations.

metalgod8858d ago

Dude, this guy was going to get fired for sexual misconduct and the CEO saved him because he brings in the big bucks.

This news broke out in a very big article on Wall Street journal.

LordoftheCritics58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

What a load of bull.

Yes there are women who can be malicious but I will never change the law to hurt the actual victims by providing escape routes for predators.

Those shitty men and shitty women should prey on each other.

dbcoops58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


How would you feel if your dad, brother or life long male best friend came home from work and told you they were accused of sexual harassment and they said they were innocent and you knew without question there was no way they could have done it and there was no proof they did anything wrong. Perhaps the woman is lying. Would you be so quick to throw your dad, brother or best buddy under the bus because some woman made a claim.

"not quiting or getting fired based of wooly, baseless accusations."

Wrong, there has been men fired for much less than that. The world we live in today is not about proof its about the accusation because everyone is too scared to question the "victim"

Palitera58d ago

dbcoops, yes, that's such a huge widespread problem in today's society. /s

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TheSaint59d ago

It's weird how it's so difficult not to be a sexual predator.

UltraNova58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

In this day and age if you are a white male in a high position somewhere you are almost certainly a sexual predator or some kind of patriarchal/ misogynistic as*****, wether you like it or not.

1nsomniac58d ago

So many numpties on here lately. Have you ever listened to yourselves?

1Victor58d ago

@ultranova try been black, Hispanic or any other dark color minority in America.
You always fit the description of a suspect or they got a call about people loitering even tho you just got off work and on the way to the train station a block away 😡

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Traecy59d ago

Why some folks can not separate business from pleasure at the workplace. They deserve to be tossed from the workplace. When one is done with work & leave then they have their own time to look for pleasure.

dbcoops59d ago

I agree 100%, go to work keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, do not look at, compliment or otherwise engage in conversation with a woman unless its business related only. Just do your job and at the end of the day clock out go home and you get to keep that job and do it all again the next day.


I tried the "keep my head down/mouth shut" approach in my first job and I quickly realized that leads to women at work resenting you because you aren't being "social". This resentment turns into office gossip, and before you know it, everyone thinks you're a weirdo based off of hearsay alone.

The reality is that most women love attention and ignoring them, from their perspective, is a form of harassment in itself.

Playing the social game/office politics is just as important as the work itself if you want to keep your job. I'm not saying this is how things "should" be, but that's certainly how things are.

Traecy58d ago

There's nothing wrong with engaging in conversation with anyone at the workplace just keep anything sexual out of it including compliments unless the compliments are work related.

Stonilein59d ago

another victim of the woke mob :(

My_Name_is_Earl59d ago

Right? Where are the good old days when a fella good grab some butt and the broad takes it as the compliment it is??!

TheDoomedGuy59d ago

If that's what you're into...

giveyerheadawobble59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yeah, that's literal sexual assault and always has been.

Next time you're out in a bar, grab some random woman's ass and see if you survive the night, yeah? Idiots everywhere these days.

dbcoops59d ago

Nowadays some take issue with a literal compliment.

My_Name_is_Earl59d ago

You dummies hella thick. I'll end my sentences with the appropriate /SARCASM!!! annotation next time!

LoveSpuds58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That is literally bollocks, I have complimented plenty of people, both male or female over the years whether its a cool pair of trainers a male worker has worn or a new haircut being sported by a female colleague and there is never any trouble.

Do you know why? Because they were sincere compliments and no creepy undertones. If a female coworker came to the office with a new haircut, me saying that it looks nice is not landing me in front of HR, no matter how much you right wingers claim thats the case.

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dbcoops58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


FYI I did say "some" which meas not everyone so maybe learn to read. "Right wingers"? Yeah because political affiliation has anything to do with this, smdh. Hey you just keep playing the odds and handing out those compliments and see where you end up bud. Be sure to keep an empty box handy for when you have to clear out your things when you're made to leave.

moriarty188959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yeah, this is happening a lot lately unfortunately.

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