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Frustrated Fury Writes: Fallout 3 was a gigantic game back in 2008. It had great combat, fantastic writing, and an enthralling overall presentation. It was rather revolutionary at the time. Now in 2010, we get the follow-up to the 2008 hit with Fallout: New Vegas. Set four years after Fallout 3, you play as a courier in the New Vegas wasteland. The game begins with you being shot in the head and left for dead. Only thing is, you're not dead. You wake up in a small town hell-bent on revenge, if you want to play the game that way, of course.

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Christopher3810d ago

I have to start over due to my main PS3 YLoD, but has anyone gotten far enough to know if you can get the helmet and armor of the guy on the FNV box (the one pictures in the article)?

Ares84PS33810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

But I'm sure if you kill them you can take their armor.

Also, 7 out of 10?? No way. This game is great. At least 8-8.5

strotee3810d ago

Yes, NCR "super soldiers" (I forget their official title), but not too difficult to take down.

air13810d ago

A 7? I just got my copy yesterday and I'm loving it.

Do ppl really expect a revelutioary game for every sequal? I mean c"mon.

I started the game on hardcore but when I pause the game although it still says hardcore mode it still says easy. Does it simply mean easy hardcore? I better get what ever ther prize is for beating it on hardcore! Todays mission, find all the snow globes! Can't wait to get home.

DMLFury3810d ago

That could be a glitch. One of the many glitches I came across in the game. Like I said in the review, the game would have been better than Fallout 3 if the bugs and glitches didn't bog down the experience so much.

Ares84PS33810d ago

Dyhadration, food and getting enough rest. There are other things as well. The booklet that comes with the game explains. The easy, medium and hard is the difficulty settings....has nothing to do with the hardcore mode really.

And yes, you will get the trophy/achivement even if you play hardcore mode on easy.

air13810d ago

Oh. Well that's not very "hardcore" I was wondering why the few battles I had seemd easy. Had me like this is hardcore? I'm going to have to read that book cause I just can't tell if my guy is tired hungry etc.

I'm very early inthe game but the only anoying thing so far is sometimes when you duck and stand up he holds the gun like over his head but a quick click again and he str8ns up. I see your point in the review if it does have more glitches I might of missed most of them cause when I put it in it already had an update. Why more glitches on a game that hasn't changed too much from the 3rd? I would expect things like that to be ironed out considering that the game isn't completley different from the other. That's why sometimes I take a str8 sequal with enhancments over a completly new sequal in hopes that you get a very refined game at launch but I guess that now devs can just patch it weeks later just makes a smooth launch moot doesn't it.

Ares84PS33810d ago

Look to the lower left corner. You will see your compass there.

Above that if you have dyhadration it will say, H2O, if you are hungry it will say FOD, if you are tired it will say SLP, if you have radiation it will say RAD. Things like that. Also look into the pip-boy you get and you are easily able to see how bad things are at the moment. I always try to keep everything well under 500.

Christopher3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Easy through Very Hard refer to the level of difficulty you'll have with the NPCs when they attack you. Easy means, IIRC, you take 50% limb damage but your opponents take 200% limb damage. Very hard ranks it up by you taking 200% limb damage and dealing out 100%, I think (not sure on that one).

Hardcore mode just refers to the additional need to keep up with drinking water (H20), sleeping (SLP), all healing being done over time rather than instantaneous (honestly, the biggest thing to worry about), and limbs can't be repaired by stimpacks (invest in medicine and make doctor's bags as much as possible). Hardcore mode doesn't affect NPC difficulty.

Also, none of these affect the difficulty of locks, safes, terminals, speech requirements, and the such. On Easy, Hard, or with hardcore mode enabled, they're always the same. A safe that requires a 50 lockpicking skill to open on Easy is the same on all other levels of difficulty and on hardcore mode.

For the most part, hardcore mode is if you want to get the trophy for playing as such or enjoy the extra bit of 'reality' it brings to the game. It's not too hard to get when playing the game on Easy + Hardcore mode, though, especially if you just follow the main quest through and ignore the side stuff that can really get you into trouble.

guzman3810d ago

"great combat, fantastic writing" LMFAO!!

DMLFury3810d ago

Not a fan of Fallout, I take it?

Captain Tuttle3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I hit a pretty big bug. I got the Mark of Caesar from the dude in Vegas and had my rep with the Legion set to Neutral. When I got to Cottonwood Cove I was attacked by the Legion. I reloaded multiple times, changing clothes, ditching companions etc. Nothing worked. I ended slaughtering all the buggers, wiped 'em all out. It would have been an issue if I wanted to side with the Legion though.