LocoRoco PS3 Details

Sony has finally clarified details about its upcoming PlayStation 3 version of LocoRoco, revealing that it's actually an interactive screensaver that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and is played using the tilt functions of the SIXAXIS controller. As for online, there are ranking boards that provide a total score ranking (showing the number of LocoRoco collected and the mini-game score) and a time attack ranking, which focuses purely on the time it takes to reach the goal.

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mighty_douche4066d ago

having interactive wallpapers is a novel idea, think this would be pretty cool. look forward to seeing what else sony comes up with!
and before it gets said, sony didnt copy the idea of interactive wallpaper from M$

Dudeson424066d ago

I would have no problem paying for a complete PS3 LocoRoco release, but if it's going to be an "interactive screensaver" it better damn well be free...

timmyp534066d ago

and it has online features.

mighty_douche4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

probably just a few £'s, but you never know, maybe they will release this for free and if they get enough interest they might delevop a complete game!

edit: lol well im sure sony would want abit more reassurance of a full game being wanted mate! well at least a interactive wallpaper is a start huh?

Dudeson424066d ago

I think it DOES have enough interest to becoming a full fledged title, or at least a full downloadable title, "interactive screensaver" seems like a cheap cop-out to me, I want my locoroco!!!!

Mu5afir4066d ago

Sony is spoiling us big time with all these awesome addons to the system.

Chriswsm4066d ago

If they price it sensibly I can see this becoming a popular title.

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