Tiger Woods 08: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 (Demos)

Loot Ninja has put in a lot of time with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 demos of Tiger Woods 08. Their average score is 5 under for the 3 holes (They did get a 7 under once). Comparing the two, they would have to side with the Xbox 360 version.

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drunkpandas4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

The 360 version clearly looks better to me. I have both my PS3 and 360 hooked up with HDMI to my 1080p DLP. The 360 version looks sharper with better colors. The PS3 version seemed a bit washed out with less defined lines and edges.

novaIS3504068d ago

you just copied and pasted lootninja's comments and made it your own. Totally Extreme!!! Who is loot-ninja again? and Why is this news?

drunkpandas4068d ago

Since I'm the author of the original article, it's my own to being with

novaIS3504068d ago

You disagreed with me because why??! I simply stated something obvious and then continued to ask who loot-ninja is.

Hugh Hefner4068d ago

Why is this news??? Because 360 vs. PS3 comparisons are the bread and butter of N4G. Every article that pits fanboys of both consoles against each other is an instant hit.

novaIS3504068d ago

Now I see why this was posted. Which takes us back to why this is even considered news. GHEYYY!!!

Funky Town_TX4068d ago

how dare you form your own opinion. You can only say PS3 rocks on this web site.

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toughNAME4068d ago

did anyone else find the demo extremely EASY?

except the last hole

~better on the 360? not surprised

drunkpandas4068d ago

Yeah the demo is MUCH easier than the 07 game. I think it was needed for a mass market appeal. The Tour Pro mode still exists in the final game, which will give more difficulty for experienced gamers.

Scythesean4068d ago

Well since it's not the PS3's fault but the Dev then I don't think this game is worth my time. I don't care for sloopy seconds.

mighty_douche4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

regardless of which system it looks better on, its crap, i read a review on here yesterday that stated that the game is full of bugs and £uck ups! just your usual EA wank!
How the hell can you review demo versions of a game? obviously the complete noob who write it just wanted to start a flame war, which it will even tho 99% of the people who say 'ha xbox is better' probably wont even buy it...
$60?? pfft, just go buy some REAL golf clubs!

edit @: drunk pandas , why not go and read the other thread and you can read what they have said about the complete build not a demo, they list at least 6 faults with it, one of which is the fact you can put your face on a golfer as EA's server didnt work which was the main new feature of 08!

drunkpandas4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

The Xbox 360 version has a bug that causes the game to freeze at one point during the Tiger Challenge, making it impossible to finish the game until EA releases a patch. I'm amazed that a bug of this nature was not found, especially since the bug seems to be affecting every copy of the 360 version.

novaIS3504068d ago

A major crash bug found on the X360 version makes it .5 points worse than the PS3 version. 7>6.5. Oh noezzz. In other news TW07 is exactly the same as TW08 no matter what platform its on. This one is for all the conscious consumers who will no longer tolerate EA's shovel ware. Don't buy EA's garbage

SlappyMcTaint4068d ago

"360 version is better" but there's a crashing bug that prevents you from completing the game!!!!!!!!!!

I just sharted!!

I can't believe how fvcking incredibly terrible that is. EA blows and you're a raging, flaming fanboy for giving the 360 props for looking better, when that version is fvcked up royally!!!


aiphanes4068d ago

Why would they release a game that is flawed?

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