The long awaited Mafia 2 Trailer

2K has just released the long awaited Mafia 2 trailer.

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HeartlesskizZ4070d ago

I love mafia games, thee good guys always have great sence of humor!

TnS4070d ago

Finally in English. :)

Is HD version available somewhere to download?

AliC4070d ago

Looks good, wonder if this will have any connection story wise with the first one since the main character gets killed at the end.

Vip3r4070d ago

Good to hear it in English. Are those graphics ingame?

pwnsause4070d ago

i think so, if it is, all I got to say is wow, got me interested to play Mafia again

beans4070d ago

I sure wouldn't mind seeing this on the big screen! It looks like it would be a really good movie!

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