Warhawk Servers Down

A official PS Moderator has announced:
We've just been informed that because the servers have been so busy they are performing some maintenance.

It should be up and running shortly.


Sorry forgot too add servers back-up. I was too busy playing Warhawk. Add Me: Llionv

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GoLeafsGo4070d ago

Just informed?
It was posted in the announcements since the game came out.

Yeesh. I guess I'm the only person who read those announcements.

chasegamez4070d ago

12:22 servers are up and running

Pain704070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

that is brilliant. very funny. show me more!!!

kingboy4070d ago

Take a look at the approvals for this story hahaha

AllroundGamer4070d ago

lol thx for the tip :D they do everything for a negative PS3 news :)

Fisher3394070d ago

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Lol at thoose 2

nix4070d ago

trigger happy people...


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LOL! q:

pilotpistolpete4070d ago

Haha, funny.

They see it as a bad thing, we see it as a good thing. 3 days after release they need to do some maintenance to accommodate the sheer awesomeness that is warhawk. Maintain away sony, maintain away.

This is the second story is see this morning, first one is that ms won't be fixing the red ring issues.
See? Sony likes to improve their business and make their customers happy.

power0919994070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

It seems that the game is a bit more popular than Incog was prepared for.

I dont see this as a bad thing. Every server/client based game need maintenance. I just don't think they were prepared for how many people actually bought this game.

I am sure we will find out fairly soon though.

BTW: I didn't agree, or disagree with you GT... it seems that people disagree with questions here.

-CaT-4070d ago

I agree. Even with hundreds of dedicated servers, it's nearly impossible logging into an official ranked game during peak hours..

Incog certainly did not expect this kind of traffic only 2 days after release.

r10004070d ago

People are so misinformed....

I work in IT, we host over 3k user on a range of 60-80 servers... server reboots are a normal thing with a Client/server infrastructure...

But this rational wont matter, the "other" so called games will find a way to make this somehow seem like a bad thing.

CaliGamer4070d ago

Its the way he posted the question that is blatantly intended to downplay how good the game is. You can tell by the tone of the question that he is just trolling, that is why people disagreed with him including myself.

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Rageanitus4070d ago

This is actually the first team deathmatch game I enjoy.

Im more of a deathmatch pc fps dude.