Mad Tracks Interview

Last week, Load Inc. announced that its upcoming micro-racing toy car game will be delayed in order to incorporate Xbox Live multiplayer support. The reaction of our community to this announcement was 100% positive, with many of you claiming that it'll be a sure buy now that the game features online multiplayer.

Many see in Mad Tracks the chance to feel again the thrill and fun experienced in Re-Volt.

TeamXbox had the chance to talk to Denis Bourdain, VP of Mad Tracks developer Load Inc., to learn more about the game and learn about the specific features of the Xbox 360 version.

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kewlkat0075386d ago

Since xbox live is doing well I don't see why you shouldn't incorporate great multi-player options. Take advantage of the hardware given to you and work on quality in stead of quantity.

BIadestarX5386d ago

I welcome this delay, since this game would be a NO-BUY if it does not come with Online play.