666: 3 RPG Series Needing Number 6

"The Holy Bible calls 6-6-6 the 'mark of The Beast.' I call it a reminder, 'Oh yeah, there are no 6th installments of Wild ARMs, Suikoden, or Breath of Fire.' Here’s a breakdown of the situation." -RPG Land's Heath Hindman

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imoutofthecontest2905d ago

I'd be way excited for even just one of these to be announced in 2011, though they do seem sadly unlikely.

FiftyFourPointTwo2904d ago

Final Fantasy VI

SaiyanFury2904d ago

I can't say I disagree with the article, I'd kill for a new sequel to any of those. Wild ARMs V was awesome, but yeah it's been years since a decent sequel to the other series has shown up. I loved the BoF series on the original PS but hated the 5th one on PS2. As well I adored Suikoden (all of them) on PSone and PS2, but detested Tierkreis. I couldn't stand the whiny teenage voice actors; it just drove me away. I've actually stopped playing my current gen systems and gone back to playing my original PS for my RPG fix. FFVII and Alundra for now, but I've been seriously considering starting up a game of BoFIV. Come on you Japanese devs, there's gotta be someone out there who can still make a good traditional JRPG...

jc485732905d ago

I am still waiting on all three of them to be announced. Screw Tales even though I'm still proud of owning them.

Sony - Wild Arms
Konami - Suikoden
Capcom - Breath of Fire (this one seems more unlikely)

Square Enix - Front Mission 6 Sigh....Square enix can simply eat shit and die along with Capcom.

Although I did enjoy Dead Rising 2, I don't think Capcom is really getting anywhere. If socom does pick up Resident Evil, then I am no longer going to buy any RESIDENT EVIL games from them. That's not how you treat your potential "CUSTOMERS."

Godmars2902904d ago

Its probably time, depending on how vsXIII turns out, that we accept that Square is dead. They're really just milking themselves at this point.

n4f2904d ago

come on they are dead you just dont want it to be ! stop giving them a chance
R.I.P square

Godmars2902904d ago

Know Square would simply dismiss it, but I wonder what the general reaction would be if the call was begun for Square fans to hold a funeral for their dead creativity? Would Western and Eastern fans unite?

And yeah, if Capcom is at the point where they're actively di*king around their fanbase for attention, they sorely need to go away.

Malice-Flare2905d ago

with Suikoden experience to even make a half-way decent game?

Cloudberry2904d ago

Ever since Yoshitaka Murayama (creator, producer, writer, & director) from Suikoden 1 & 2, the rest Suikoden games lacks it's charms compared to 1 & 2......... : /

I've played all Suikoden games, but the non Murayama Suikoden game I loved is V.

III is...


IV is the least.

Spinoffs, Rhapsodia (Suikoden Tactics) & Tierkreis are also decent.

ExcelKnight2904d ago

You should know that Murayama actually completed Suikoden III. He's not credited because he left prior to release, but he said in a recent interview that he didn't abandon the project mid-production.

Millah2904d ago

Yea Murayama was there for III. I think you're exaggerating just a bit about the series. IV was really the only installment that wasn't up to snuff. III was fantastic, though different, and V was a return to it's roots and up there with II as one of the best.

It's not like Murayama was the only person involved with Suikoden. There's plenty of talented employees that are responsible for the games, and they're still capable of making a great Suikoden. They need to hurry up and make Suikoden VI. Hopefully for 3DS, as I'm not so sure Konami would be willing to invest all the money to create a Suikoden console title. But 3DS would be just fine, I think it would retain a lot of it's old school charm that way if the graphics arent super next gen.

knifefight2904d ago

At least give me Suikoden II on PSN already UUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. >_<

TheColbertinator2904d ago

Agreed.I'm not paying 200 dollars just for Suikoden 2

jc485732904d ago

Sigh...I paid 100 for my copy, which is considered a bargain by most. is the best place to find them.

Millah2904d ago

I paid 15 bucks for mine, mint condition :). This was not long after it came out, I found it in the used section at Gamestop. Yea, that was a looong time ago, one of the best finds ive ever had.

LightofDarkness2904d ago

Actually, the number of the beast has been revised by many after the discovery of the earliest known papyrus from the Book of Revelation, which states the number is 616, not 666.

So blah.

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